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Thursday, September 1, 2011

While I was in LaLa Land

So.... For lack of better things to post about I will explain the past two months of my life in Bullet Points! Yay!

- July - Go to Polaris and despite the alarms blaring in the middle of the night have an epically good time

-July - Come back from Polaris and find out Borders, where I have tried to work for years, is closing.

-July - Customers begin to lose all courtesy and repeatedly infringe on my space bubble

-August - Have a physical done for school

-August - Two customers poke me in the back. I nearly kill them

-August - Find out I might have something wrong with my thyroid

August - Get denied for a Student Loan

August - Get a denial for my query

August - Might not be able to go to school

August - Drama unfolds in my personal life like an origami swan

August - My dad co-signs and I can go to college!

August - My thyroid is fine! As far as I know.

August - Pat my friends on the head and tell them to get along

August - Leave Borders and cry on the way home

August - Almost crash twice

August - Make it home safely

August - Pack like a banshee

August - Move to VA

August - Leave phone charger at friend's house so I cannot call anyone

August - Go through the rigors of Orientation

August - Write this blog post

September - First day of classes

So. Yes. That was my past two months. How were yours???