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“Who are you?” The bartender jutted his chin in my direction while he tossed around glasses, dishrags, and bottles filled with questionable liquid. I watched him from my position on the rickety wooden chair. I had undecorously plopped myself upside down on the chair; my legs rested on the table showing my ankles. Yes, how indecent of me. Whatever.

There is a place where fairy-tales come true, guided by a magical force known as the feyma, and it’s Ionuin’s job to help it along. Even if it means assisting ungrateful little wretches like Syndrella. Trouble begins, though, when the feyma tries to give Ionuin her own happily ever after. She will have none of it and instead tramps through the woods with a young man named Aoldath, her sibling-of-sorts Ban-Mhor, and a tree-nyp named Wendwyrn. The adventures hardly stop there. Wendwyrn goes off to find his brethren, Ban-Mhor dies multiple times, Aoldath nearly drowns in mud, and Ionuin keeps finding herself being proposed to. It’s only a matter of time before the feyma has its way with her, but not before Ionuin realizes she has more power than she ever dreamed she had. And as a rebellious sort, that could result in the destruction of herself, her world, and the man she’s finally learning to care about more than herself.

A YA fantasy chock full of unladylike behavior, mythical and magical creatures, moving trees, and all sorts of fantastical beasts. Would be enjoyed by fans of Patricia C. Wrede, Lewis Carroll, or Gail Carson Levine.

Includes the ever popular The Ooze, who does not look like this:

But I almost wish it did. That thing is Beast.