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Monday, May 31, 2010

W is for Who, What, When, Where, Why, and Woh

1. Who?

This is a question all writers must ask themselves when they are writing a story/sonnet/novel/ haiku. Who. And I'm not talking about who are your main characters, who is the protagonist, antagonist, blah, blah, blah. No, I'm talking about: Who are the couple standing on the ege of the roof over there? Why are they exchanging mysterious packages (without the Main Character noticing of course)? And who are they planning on giving the mysterious package to? This way when in chapter 32 when the Evil Villain of Doom pulls out a mysterious box the reader isn't left wondering where it came from. Also, make sure you go into Complete Detail about the grocer and how when he was two years old a cat scratched his leg. It will do nothing to make the plot go forward, but it will be most entertaining.

2. What?

What is your character wearing? What are they thinking about at ALL times? What is their favorite sweater? What do they do when they meet strange figures emerging out of mysterious blue smoke? What is their cholesterol level? Plus, be sure to map out their complete history, starting from birth. This will make your story/novel/sonnet/haiku ridiculously long, but remember, Readers are stupid and you must spell everything out for them.

3. When?

No, I'm not talking about when the story/novel/sonnet/lymrick happens, because that of course, will be written in LARGE BOLD LETTERS on every single page because, remember, Readers have no brains. Because, I mean, you're a writer, and you obviously don't read books because you have a brain. Only people who write have brains. No, I'm talking about when does anything interesting happen? Because you have all the backstory at the front you need a Giant Asterisk to mark where the Exciting part happens, so people can skip over the backstory part. Because Readers are so unthoughtful that way. Don't they know you took ages to write that Meaningless, Pointless, Dribble?? They should so totally read it, the jerks.

4. Where?

Again, I'm not talking about Where, as in time and place, because that will be stamped on the corner of every page, duh. What I'm talking about is Where in Reality does it take place? Most people don't know this, but there are loads of Realities out there, and they just might get confused and think your story/novel/haiku/lymrick/sonnet is in their Reality instead of a different one. Make sure you repeat yourself as many times as necessary, make sure you repeat yourself as many times as neccessary, make sure....

5. Why?

Forget about Why your character wishes to do whatever it is he/she is doing. Instead, make sure to question all of life's major questions. People don't need to take Philosophy classes, they just need to read your book. Ask questions like, Why do trees fall over? (even if your book/story/poem is set in a place without trees), Why do marmosets have days like these? Do we really exist? Why are we here? and Why do authors write so wonderfully? (make sure to have an Authors of Note, and list yourself first.) Everyone will talk about your book for days on end.

6. Woh?

In honor of Dyslexics everwhere write random words sdrawkcab and all ixmed pu. It doesn't matter if no one else can read what you're writing, those with Brain Malfunctions everywhere will sing your praise. How do you write your words backwards and all mixed up? By a mirror and a blender. Write your manuscript, stuff it in the blender. When it is thoroughly shredded take out the pieces and look at it through a mirror. You will see from every angle that by following this outrageous advice, you have created a Masterpiece worth burning.

Friday, May 28, 2010

V is for Vampires in the Bible??

Yup. That's right folks. Not only does the Bible hold the secrets of the Spakes, but also includes iron-clad proof, not only for Vampires, but Zombies as well.

Let's take a look at Galatians 5:15:

"But if you bite and devour one another, take care that you are not consumed by one another."

Obviously the biting is talking about Vampires, and the consuming is talking about Zombies.

See? Iron-clad proof.

In response to this shocking news I interviewed invisible, not-really-existent-people. Rev. Pseudo states that the community as a whole needs to "know of the dangers of these creatures." He has been writing up articles and attending meetings to bring awareness about this issue.
Madam Spurious exclaimed that, "she knew it," while waving a clove of garlic in her hand. Her next-door neighbor, Edward Sham, just shook his head and refused to comment.

Meanwhile, several celebrities have come out of the closet reporting that they are indeed Vampires and Zombies. However, when studied by Scientists, they turned out to be hoaxes. This was very disturbing to a young girl, Julie Dupe, who believed that celebrities could never lie.
In order to take every precaution necessary the President, with the help of Miss Stafford, is seeking out girls named "Buffy." So far, only a valley girl with a lisp has been found, and she insists that "Vampires are, like, so totally ew."

In other news a girl from Scotland has locked herself in her room, refusing to come out. Although it is still unsure why she would do such a thing, sources tell us that she was known to be harboring Zombies. A Miss Sonshine was seen guarding her door with Cats. T.H. Mafi was alongside of her promising to attack people with pterodactyls. Meanwhile, a woman with a palindrome was getting very excited and cocking her gun menacingly. Many people ducked in response. Evil Blam, from Canada, just laughed while a mysterious figure traipsed behind him while making puns and muttering about dimples.
All in all, the world has seriously gone into chaos.

If any other news crops up, I'll let you know. In the mean time, my friend and I keep shouting at each other: "Do not bite and devour!" I think that should be my new slogan.

Friday, May 21, 2010

U is for Unbelievable... Um?

Yo, thanks everybody for your well-wishers for my vacation and health. Fortunately, I'm feeling back on top of the Looney World. Yes. This is a good thing.

For awhile, it was looking pretty bad. When I woke up with this thought in my head: "Watch the flying nuns!" (for real, and no, I have no idea) my parental units got a little concerned and decided to take me to the Doctors.

Dun dun dun!

Okay, for some of you going to the doctors is as lovable as a puppy.


And going to the Dentist is like being trapped in an elevator with a serial killer who is holding a saw and grinning wider than the Hudson River.

I'll leave you to imagine the horrors behind those doors...

But as for myself, I could go to the dentist every day, but Doctors are TERRIFYING.



So I grudgingly got into the Rumbly Truck in order to go to the doctors. We got there all fine and everything, and went in and the nurse told us to wait for the doctor. Well. Wait, we did. I had already read through all the terrible jokes in the Highlight magazines, as well as do the hidden pictures, and I was bored. I managed to get some paper and a pen from the Father, so when the doctor finally came in I was bent over a scrap of paper and there was no way i was going to look up until I finished the sentence I was writing.

Good. Grief. It is a good thing my voice was near gone, because then I couldn't say the first thing that popped into my mouth: "Oy, you're cuter than I thought you would be." *face palm*

Fortunately, though, my voice was gone and I didn't utter much. He proceeded to check my ear (they hurted alot.)

DR: (pressing behind my ear) Does this hurt?
ME: No.
DR: Does this hurt?
Me: (giggling) That feels funny.

Yup. If I can get high on Ibuprofen, can you imagine me on drugs? That's why I ALWAYS say No to Drugs.

Not. That I'm usually asked to take drugs.


He left to go confer with a second doctor, meanwhile allowing the Lady Nurse to come in and swab the back of my throat. Did I mention I have the gag reflex of a... Okay. I have no idea what has a gag reflex like I do, but imagine that I used a really good word picture, okay?

So the Lady Nurse swabs at my throat and I try to push her hand away. But I'm too tired and don't get there fast enough. Curses! Stupid sicknesses weakening me.

Both doctors soon come in, and the second doctor is a burly man who looks like he came from West Virginia (the smart section. Okay. I'm going to shut up before I make a West Virginia joke.) He snaps on some latex gloves, grinning, and says: "Do you want to do this the fast way, or the slow way?"

Me: (gulping, not sure what he's talking about) Um... Fast?
Dr2: So you want a shot of penicillin in the butt?
Me: (bursts into tears.)

Man, those two doctors high-tailed it out of there as fast as they could. My dad (who had come into the room with me I am so thankful to God, because I think I would've jumped out the window if he wasn't. Seriously, I was on the first floor, the window was open... All I'd have to do is push out the screen and ESCAPE!)

He's escaping... Back outside??

Thus began a very interesting "conversation" between my dad and I (I so wish I could videotape my dad re-enacting this, he is way more hilarious.)

Dad: So do you want the shot?
Me: AHHHHHHHHH! (cries)
Dad: (waiting til I calm down) You'll get better faster if you have a... shot.
Me: AHHHHHHHHHHHH! (cries hysterically.)
Dad: You don't have to get the... Shot.
Me: AHHHHHHHHHH! (cries even more hysterically.)
Dad: I knew your mum was afraid of needles, but I didn't realize how much you hated... Shots.

Yeah, okay dad. He didn't realize the last time I went to the Doctors to get shots:

A Few Years Earlier:

Lady is giving me a shot, I am crying worse than a baby (because I'm older than a baby, and really have no excuse for crying my face off). The lady starts giving me a shot and I bat her hand away. For real. I nearly puncture myself with the needles AND nearly push the needle into her own skin. She backs away with frightened expression. "You can't do that!" she screams. I cry and they give me the shot anyway, even though I was TRYING to tell them that my mum said I shouldn't get the shot because it was superfluous. Oh man, you shoulda' seen me mum after that. She nearly ripped their heads off, and then she looked up to see if we could sue them.

Back to the Present:

The doctors come back in and my dad says that we'll avoid the (whispers) shot. DR says he'll prescribe me some pills. Except, I can't swallow pills. The only time I can swallow pills is when I'm healthy (seriously, dude, if I'm sick that means my throat is swollen. I'm not swallowing nothing.)

Then they fixed up my ears and the Dr2 let me know that my adenoids were swollen and pussy, other lymph nodes were swollen, plus I had strep throat. Hooray. I never head strep throat before. *glares*

But then they gave me liquid meds and I feel much, much better now. And I didn't even need a shot.

Come on, tell me that isn't terrifying?

So, how 'bout you? Do any of you have humorous dentist/doctor stories? And if someone came at you with a giant needle the size of yourself, would you jump out a window? Also, if any of you can come up with a reason why Nuns would be flying, and why we would have need to watch them, I will love you forever.

WAIT! WAIT! Plus, T.H. Mafi is having a contest, and you need to go over and follow her because she is HILARIOUS, and then you can enter her contest too if you like.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

T is for Terrific and Terrible

Well, I've never liked ending on a sour note (not even in my books. Hey, stop giving me that look, sis. I might kill everyone and their mother in my books, but the ending will not be sour, I tell you.) So I'll start with the Terrible news.

I'm on vacation (no, no, that's not terrible.) I'm sick. (Yes, yes that's terrible.) There's like an infection or something on the right side of my face. My ear, down to my jaw, even that half of my TONGUE hurts like corny dialogue (like the Star Trek episode I'm watching right now. OMBananas.) Kill me now! Ahem, anyway. Some of my lymph nodes are getting puffy and my dad went so far as to threaten to take me to the hospital. *GASP!* Can you imagine??? I hate the doctors worse than corny dialogue.

But on the up side, I'm on vacation! *does dance* And so I will share pictures with you. The first of which is a bluffin my dad bought for me:

Blueberry Muffins!!

Ahem. Now back to the beginning. We stopped in Virginia at a friend's house and then continued on. My mum decided to take a detour to try and avoid traffic. Didn't really help but we got to see three tanks roll by. TANKS! And not like tank tops, but like army vehicles. It was crazy! But I didn't get no pictures because I was distracted by this:

It made me want to jump out of the car and dance across the bridge.

Me: Doesn't looking at that just make you want to tromp through the foliage and pretend to be a fairy?
Mum: *laughs then is serious* Um. No.

North Carolina!!

A Pond!
(Don't ask.)

A barn in the middle of nowhere
Look at the funky tree! :D

The house we're renting for two weeks
Love the red door :)
Sand, sand, sand
One thing about being sick is that I've gotten pretty good at making milkshakes
They taste so good on my throat

Well, I hope y'all have a good week, and I hope y'all are more healthy than I am right now. Have a milkshake or too, they're yumalicious.

Friday, May 7, 2010

S is for Spakes and Spices and Something Secret

Spakes. Just exactly what are they? And why are they cropping up all over this mad-crazy person's blog? I have questioned sharing information on these creatures, because I want it to be a surprise if it should ever get published. (Which it will because I love Scotch so much.) However, I figure it won't hurt to give you some glimpses into the life of a spake. Beware: They are very vague and will probably annoy you so much that you will not be able to get away fast enough.

[But wait! Don't run away! Stick around to the end for news on an upcoming... ;) I'm not gonna' tell you yet, silly. You have to wait for Something Secret.]

1) Their existence began in ancient Egypt. Never mind, how, for right now. Just know that Egyptian scribes can be stupid when messing around with the Book of the Dead.

My lame attempt at Egyptian artwork

2) Obadiah likes to jump off of pyramids. Solomon, however, likes music. He ended up sitting by the Nile watching the hippos. Yup. He was always a little loose in the head. Still not sure why he went total mad, but my friend and I are still working on it. (Oh! By the way, said friend just started out a blog, which makes me crazy happy.)

No, I did not draw this during youthgroup
when I was supposed to be paying attention
to the message. *Gives innocent look*

3) If you ever meet a girl named Zipporah who is super happy and weird, DO NOT TRUST HER. She is most probably a spake and will probably kill you.

4) Spakes kill people. Most of the time it's not their fault, unless he's Habakkuk. Then it's just from enjoyment, because Habakkuk is a psychopath.

This is what a psycho path looks like
Because psycho paths are stickmen?

5) Sometimes spakes kill people wrong (::cough cough:: Jedediah ::cough cough::) and this causes all kinds of annoying issues for the person being eated. If you find yourself being attacked by spakes, and you have no way of escape, make sure you tell them to eat you properly. Trust me.

The main reason why I bring spakes up is because I'm trying to figure some stuff out about them. For one thing, spices are super important, but I cannot figure out why. There seems no reason for it. Thus, I will have to do more research on Herbs and Spices. If any of you know the names of some good books on Herbs and Spices, feel free to let me know.

With questions of spakes turning through my mind I went to the library and asked the question, "I'm creating a mythological creature. Do you have any book recommendations for that?" Because I've heard numerous times that librarians are good people, and they want to help. Two of the librarians (one of them knows me by name now, which is kinda' funny) went running around, and the one who knows me by name said she had a book at home I would probably like, and she would find out the name of it and get back to me later. How cool is that? I felt very pampered, and even if I still don't know anything about spices, I know more about Dwarves, which is important for Pixie Princess.

It leaves me happily doodling scenes from Scotch's perspective, and leaves me wondering aimlessly about Solomon (a spake). All in all, it can be stated that today was one happy day.


WAIT! Have you run away yet in fear? In boredom??

First, here's a Pumpkin pic that I forgot, and I asked especial permission from my friend to use it, so I would feel terrible if I didn't post it up here:

Hand made Punkin Love

Alright, moving on.

What is this Something Secret?? It's actually not really a secret, so I kinda' lied, but that's because I didn't want to have any Spoilers by putting the true name up in the title.

Enough of this rambling!

I'm here to tell you about: The Super Sister Contest!!! Yay!!

When my sis, Rebecca/Sonshine, and I each reach 108 followers we will have a slam-bang of a contest. There will be books, and cool things, and stuff, and... Basically it's so cool I don't even know what all we will have yet!! I do know that I will be making mini-pillows for the event. And for any men readers out there, pillows ARE manly.

So get excited, and feel free to get the word out on this slam-bang Super Sister Contest. Check out my sis (if you haven't already) over at:

She does a weekly Retail Wednesdays that will make your sides hurt from laughing too much. Or your noise. Sometimes your noise will hurt from laughing too much. (That is, if you're drinking soda while reading her blog, which isn't a safe thing to do.)

And I think that's all! :D

Oh! Wait! Other people are having contests too...

Like, Caledonia Lass over at Writings, Musings, and Other Such Nonsense is having a sister contest with Cheri. Check it out!! It's full of awesomesauce.

And Kristin Creative is having an easy-cheesy contest. Make sure you read the comment entries, they're hilarious.

And check out the Birthday Phenomenon over at Cleverly Inked, if you haven't already. It's crazy!!

AND The Alliterative Allomorph is having a contest tooooo.

I think that's all :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

R is for Revisions, Re-wRiting, and Rediculous

I need to learn how to revise. It's just a fact of life. If I don't I think a turtle will bite me.

He is happy to bite you... Mwahahaha >:)

Because if I were a turtle, and I read something that wasn't revised, I would bite that non-revising person.

But the question is, how does when go about revising? From what I've gathered there are a couple of things one can do and it boils down to these 9 various things:

1. Eat a lot of chocolate (or drink coffee, if you're psychotic like that. I can't drink coffee more than once a week or I twitch and feel like I'm on drugs.) This will make you fat and die, hence no longer needing to do revisions. Or it just makes you feel happy inside.

2. Dance in the rain, climbs mountains, and avoid doing laundry at all costs - this produces large amounts of creativity.

3. Write down the names of your characters and try to describe them in one sentence. Then draw little stick figures of your characters and write abstract things about them. Example: Solomon, likes to sit on hippos while strumming a lyre.

4. Go line by line, reading your novel out loud. Must read in a weird accent, or if that is not possible sing your novel. This will give you a different take on what you thought you were trying to say, plus it will annoy everyone within a 2.5 mile radius of you. If they ask, just say your testing the "lyrical quality" of your work.

5. Write down scenes on colorful scraps of paper with pretty colored markers. Then move scenes around, see what scenes are missing, and whether or not you really need those scenes from Admar's point of view. Then cry because your scene with creeping Ryszard has to be cut, even though you love Ryszard. Colors are helpful for keeping you from falling asleep. Also, it distracts you from the unendurable loss of those scenes you thought were necessary but are really just superfluous.

6. Eat more chocolate. Because, obviously, you have not yet up and died, and need to try again. If chocolate isn't working, try eating pancakes coated in sugar for dinner, with a side of onion rings. (Yes, I did eat this for dinner once, and no I did not die or start spazzing from too much sugar.)

7. Congratulations! You're not dead yet. Give your manuscript to some friends/relatives to critic. Most will say, "It's good. I like it." Some will say, "Eh, s'okay." Commence smacking yourself in the head with the nearest heavy book. Try a Latin dictionary, or Shakespeare's entire collection of everything he has ever written. Then, write down all the encouraging words, find some mean friends, and have them tear your work apart. Cry. Read those encouraging words. Feel better. Read critiques. Cry some more.

8. Fix what you need to fix. Don't fix what you don't need to fix. If it turns out that you absolutely need those Admar scenes, as much as you dislike Admar, keep them. Write some scenes from first person point of view to get to know him better. Still think he's a whiny doofus? Make him a lovable whiny doofus. Feel free to not agree with your friends (either mean or nice) as long as you have good reason to.

9. Stare at your computer screen/pad of paper with a blank look on your face, because you don't know if you've done this revising process properly, and you think your brain just turned to ugly pink goo, like chewed up gum. Then seek out someone who actually knows how to revise and start over a whole new process.

How do you revise? Do you revise? Can you drink coffee more than once a week? And most importantly, have you ever gotten a turtle stuck on your nose? Because if you have, I totally want to see pictures :D

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Q is for Quit

As some of you may recall back in February I was working on a book called Thanet's Curse. It's the sequel to my wip Blackburn's Prisoner. Well, I gave up on it. Yup. Up and quit. But then I was inspired by Falen/Sarah and decided, hey, let's try some outlining garbage first.

So I cut up pieces of paper, scribbled, and ended up with this:

Pretty colors!

Each color is for who the scene focuses on. It looks worse than it is. Hopefully.

Guess what I figured out? I have four more chapters to write. Four! SO close to the end, and I gave up. Especially because I have bits and pieces of aforementioned chapters, so it's even more ridiculously close to finish. ESPECIALLY because I can usually write a chapter a day. (Unless I'm un the midst of a week of finals. Bleh. Then I do nothing but text myself sentences here or there, or pretty much everywhere. Except when I'm driving. No texting while driving. I would hit a horse. Because I would be so off-road I would be in a state where there are lots of horses and I would hit one. And you don't want me to hit a horse do you? Didn't think so.)

Thus the moral of the story is: Don't hit horses while driving, and don't let horses drive cars.

This horse is secretly texting! *GASP!*

Wait, no, no, no. The moral is: Don't give up. Do NOT quit. Whether you want to give up on being a writer, on writing a paper, a poem, a stupid novel that will not cooperate properly, do not give up. Sometimes you just need a little time away. Sometimes you just need to do a little outlining. (Did I just say that? Me? Condoning outlining? The world has officially been turned haphazard.)

Another reason not to give up: My friends/randompeople would run at me with knives, pitchforks, and torches. I am sure of it.

So in order to not being chased by a raving mob, keep writing and don't give up. Or else.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

P is for Publishers Picking Pumpkins

You guessed it! It's the long awaited for post where I will convince you that a pumpkin patch is like publishing. I would like to dedicate this blog to Rebecca (my sis) because I honestly had no idea HOW publishing was like a pumpkin patch, and she helped me see the multiple possibilities.


First: The Pumpkins.

Pumpkins represent us, the writers. From afar all pumpkins look the same, but we are all very different. Some of us are tall, thin pumpkins. Some of us are cute and small. Some of us have twiny things coming from the top of our heads, and we're not sure why.

Some glow when you turn the lights off??!!

Some pumpkins are better than others. Ah! Did I really just say this?! Yes. Tolkien was better than a whole lot of writers that are floating around nowadays. I won't say specifically who, because that is one step too mean. But it's true. One day you will find a writer who is better than you. You will feel jealous and mad. Get over it. You are still a pumpkin, and you are needed in the pumpkin patch of life.

Second: The Pumpkin Pickers.

Pic Owned By CeeCeeDotCa
Hm? Which pumpkin shall I pick? Mwahahah >:)

These are the agents. They have to hunt through pumpkins to find the one that is just right for them. One pumpkin picker may like giant fat pumpkins, other pumpkin pickers will be looking for quirky looking ones. Or pumkins who wear glasses and like lollipops.


This one likes gardening

Then the Pumpkin Pickers go to the market with their little Pumpkins and try to sell them.

Third: The Pumpkin Purchasers

Check HERE for an article on Punkins
The haggling commences

These are the publishers, editors, and the like. They go to the Pumpkin Pickers and look through their Pumpkins to see which ones they like best. Sometimes there's a match and SOLD! everyone's happy. A lot of the times though, nothing is sold and the Pumpkin has to sit around until the next day comes, and then the next, and then the next. Sometimes the Pumpkin Picker has to give up and give their Pumpkin to another Pumpkin Picker. And sometimes, the Pumpkin gets sent right back to the Pumpkin Patch.

Fourth: Pretending to be Pumpkin Pickers

These are the fake agents. They pretend to be Pumpkin Pickers, but really they're just trying to cut open Pumpkins, scoop out all their insides, and leave them for dead.

Punkin Guts

Do not trust these Pretenders. Learn to know who the real Pumpkin Pickers are.

Fifth: Gourds.

They don't even start with the letter "p" so you know something's up. And this is where I insult people, because I have nothing against insulting people, if it gets them to think. Plus, I don't think this applies to any of you, so calm down and lighten up.

Click HERE for the original article
They LOOK cute, but beware

There are some gourds among the pumpkins that are not pumpkins. They look like pumpkins, they smell like pumpkins, but they aren't. And sometimes these gourds get picked and sold and taken by Pumpkin Purchasers. This can make Pumpkins sad. Sometimes, a Pumpkin will go and to the baker and let himself/herself be turned into Pumpkin Pie. What most people don't know, is that there is a little cemetery behind the Baker's shop of dead Pumpkins who gave up.

Waiting to be turned into pies

Okay. That sounds more sadistic than I thought it would. But the point is as a Pumpkin we should be proud of our Pumkiny self. We are needed in the Pumpkin Patch of life. Keep yourself all shined up in case a Pumpkin Picker comes to look at you.

Be a Pumpkin. Be a darn good Pumpkin.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Summation of the A-Z Challenge (temporally displaced)

Lee from Tossing it Out asked those who participated in the A-Z challenge to reflect on how the challenge affect us, our lives, our blogs, and the general well-being of horses.

Oh, wait. I forgot that this is temporally displaced, so you don't know about the horses yet. Don't worry. You will.

Tell us how it affected you and your blog.

Well, it made me a little bit more crazy, but it made me think of things to blog about that I probably wouldn't have thought about blogging about. Like mythology. I never would've found out how many of you enjoy mythology if not for this challenge.

How did you come up with ideas?

I closed my eyes and thought about the first thing that popped into my head, then began typing. Yeah. Pretty much. Which is why there'll be some pretty weird posts coming up. I also read other people's blogs and used their ideas as springboards, or sponge cakes, or whatever. Mmm... Cake.

How did you find motivation?

Usually the idea of failure is enough to keep me motivated. This time, however, it was not enough. *hangs head* But I will carry on until I can bring this to completion, and next year I totally want to do this again.

How will it change the way you blog?

I'm going to try and actually blog regularly now. About more than just "this is what I'm writing now." But also, not being afraid to blog about my random writing experiences.

What did the challenge do for your writing or the way you interacted with other bloggers?

Well, when I totalled my car, or was rushed for finals, y'all chimed in to encourage me. It was like... Scones. Like a little piece of world peace. It definitely reminded me that I'm not alone in the world. Seriously. I am so stoked to catch up on your guys blogs. You are all little scones, making the world a more sconeful place.

And in conclusion:

Don't let horses drive cars
And don't text while driving.
Trust me. It will all make sense one day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

W is for Winners!*

*Yes, I am aware that this is alphabetically out of order, but you OCD people will just have to gt over it. And hey, I'm OCD, so I feel your pain. If it bothers you too much just pretend the name of this title is: In Which I Eat a Hearty Breakfast

WINNERS!!! Yes, that's right folks, today I picked the three winners to my contest! :D

Hoorah! So the winners are...

1st place: Palindrome! a.k.a Hannah at MusingsofaPalindrome

2nd place: Wolfie 402! at Writer Person

3rd place: Laura Marcella! at Wavy Lines

Yay!! *throws confetti*

Please e-mail me your addresses so that I can send you your prizes. My e-mail is It's easy to remember because that's my blog name.

Thanks to everyone who entered :D Have a great week!