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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Because I am absolutely insane I have decided that I am going to (attempt) to write ten novels in a year. They will be first drafts, so some of them will be grossgarbage, but some of them will be VICTORIES! And so one of the ways I figure I can keep myself on track would be to blog about it, because I know someone somewhere could actually read this, and laugh at my face if I FAIL. And yes. That's all it takes to make me not want to fail.

For reals. My mum read one of the books I finished, (Blackburn's Prisoner) and it has a cliffhanger ending, and she was sooooooo super uber mad that I hadn't finished the sequel yet. So, being a loving mum, and being the kind of woman that knows her children, she told me that if I finish the sequel in February she will give me a piece of paper that says: "You win!" and if I don't finish it, she will give me a paper that says: "You fail." <-- Such a thing would make me cry. I'm already feeling the pressure. (In some sadistic way it's GREAT and in some normal way it's disturbing.)

Then, of course, she says: "As long as it doesn't disrupt your school." Psha! I wrote the first one for NanoWriMo (which is amazing and you should totally look them up), in November, nearing finals, having many papers to write. And I survived!

So I was trying to decide between Pixie Princess and Luperin when I realized: "HOLY AVOCADOS and BROCCOLI! Tomorrow is the LAST stinking day of December. Gah!" I screamed "ahh" to my mum, and she ignored me. (This is normal behavior for me, to scream randomly.) So now I must decide what book to write.

Here is the problem:
I love Pixie Princess. It is the most fun to write, EVER. She is so hilariously obsessed with how she looks, and she's living underground with Dwarves. (Do NOT steal this idea, I swear I will win in court. So many people know I'm writing this book, and they can vouch for me, and I've already created a good amount of a Dwarven language among other things.)

But then there is my Haunbrinth series, which the fourth book is based on a real building that exists and I live near! (That sentence really makes no sense, but I don't really care right this second.) (Okay, shut up, I do.)

But then there is my Haunbrinth series. I've finished the first one and most of the second one, but I've written practically none of the third one, and the fourth one is based on an old building by where I live. (See? That sentence makes a little bit more sense. Doesn't it?) And that building is about to be torn down. NO! If I was mad rich I would buy the property, the building, and still tear it down, but build a new near-identical one in its place, and then start like a publishing company, or have some sort of art centre in its place. (Yes, centre, because that is more artsy.)

Just look at this super amazing old building:

I love it and I will be sad if it is destroyed forever, with no remnant of memory! Or something dramatic like that. It is all very sad, and I will be intensely mad if they make it a baseball field. There are already like, 15, baseball fields in that city. (I'm not even kidding you.) I think they should make an arts centre, because there are loads of musical, artistical, theatre-minded people out there, especially in our area, and they don't have a place to go to for help. Not really. And schools struggle to help them, because the first thing to be cut is the arts. Gah!

Anyway. End rant.

So I can't decide whether to do Pixie Princess, or to work on both Luperin and Shimmers, or whether I should do Pixie Princess for the first half of January, and then in the second half just skip to the fourth book Roots and do that one. I have no idea, but I'm realizing I need to decide by tomorrow. Agh! I am not prepared.

P.S. I named this post BAM because it stands for Book A Month. Just so you know.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Following Your Own Footsteps...

Okay, so the name of this post sounds super egotistical, but give me a chance to explain myself. The fact is, following your own footsteps sucks, like lemons sucks (except that I like lemons, but it's a word picture, so as long as your picturing a sour face, the job has been effective.) And the fact is I sure hope I'm not just following my own footsteps, because then I would probably end up falling off some cliff.

Which kinda' brings me to the point of the blog:
I always thought you had to wait until you got published, or at least had an agent for goodness' sake, before you could start a blog about the writing journey, but then I realized "hey, since when do I follow the rules?" Because one of the things a good writer knows how to do, is how to break the rules properly. So I am going to start blogging about my writing experience now, because it's fun, and because I will enjoy it.

But more than for my own benefit:
I hope to be able to network and find other newbie authors (and maybe not so newbie) because I love authors. I love people (except for when people become customers, then I just want to punch them in the face. Okay, not really punch, because that's violent, but I do want to sigh at them, and wonder why people become mad crazy when they enter the role of the customer.) So hopefully I can make some super cool "cyber" friends through this website, and that way I don't have to just follow my own footsteps.

Oy. Cyber friends. That sounds like you're all robots are something. Oog. That's not what I meant.

Anyhow. I kinda' think these posts I always do for beginning blogs sounds lame and boring. This is what I'm going to do, this is why, blah, blah, blah. So I'm going to shut up now.