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Thursday, February 24, 2011

And Then the World Exploded...

My friend 'Rosie' and I write stories together.

It is because of her that Spakes exist and I have a series of novels based on mythologically real creatures.

ALSO... We and another friend 'Stasi' are writing a book together about Elves, and Fairies, and Pixies.

ALSO... Rosie and I are writing a story about Twins.

AND... The more we spend time together the more we realize we have REALLY WEIRD connections between our stories.

Like... My character being the mother of one of her characters.

Like... Her character being the daughter of one of my mythological creatures.

Like... The fact that our stories are becoming more and more complex and connected.

There is a part of my brain that says YOU CAN'T DO THAT because - normally - authors aren't allowed to write worlds together with a second author while still keeping both authors autonomous. BUT... Then there is another part of my brain, the rebellious part, that says I can do whatever I want as long as I write stories that other people (preferably LOTS of people because that would be totes cool) will want to read.

Do you want to be CONFUSED? I will attempt to draw a diagram...

YOU SEE... There is a reality sideways from ours and there are three worlds, Earth (also known as Jezkana), Gorsonian, and Galsha (which is Rosie's and I'm probably spelling it wrong). They look like this:

The Universe is Purple...

And They are all connected in a way that is hard to explain. It looks like this:

Underneath all of these worlds is a second world known as the Land of Faerie.

Think of it as like a parfait, with layers of worlds that go beyond space and time...

And connected to Faerie are three sub-worlds, home of Fairies, Pixies, and Elves...

There is one more thing you should know: Connected to the earth (as well as the other worlds) are hundreds of thousands of realities spreading out like a fan or like ripples in a pond...

The Spake reality is the closest one.
Not that it matters a whole lot...

And if ANY thread of reality should malfunction or get torn apart, because everything is connected, it will all circle out and destroy stinking EVERYTHING...

And that just makes my brain HURT. ALSO... It gives me an Insane number of ideas and makes me want to make giant posters to try and understand it better. Woo. So hard.

NOW... Hopefully I haven't CONFUSED YOU ENTIRELY. But I probably have. ALSO... Hopefully I haven't given too much away. BUT... I trust you guys and needed to tell SOMEONE. And you guys are someones.

SO.... Have you ever had a story idea EXPLODE and give you more story info then you really thought you needed to know?


wolfie 402 said...

YES! You start with a simple storyline. "Oh this is nice and simple and interesting".
Then you decide there has to be a mythological creature. Or aliens. Or different universes. Or you need a Buddhist. Then reincarnation and super powers and more universes...
I really like the ideas though. Nice and complex. Not too hard for me to figure out. Guess I'm just weird like that. ;)

Medeia Sharif said...


If I generate far too many ideas, I use it for another book, or perhaps reveal them in a sequel.

I love detailed writing, but too many details can be confusing and may lead to info dumps that slow down the story.

Rebecca T. said...

Bwa haha! I love your diagrams. Perfect. hehehehehe

Also, me WV is BOOKIER. Seriously. I could not make that up.

Alan Andrews said...

The whole concept works for me. Just as long as I don't confuse the "Faerie" and "Fairies."

And yes, as little as I write, whenever I do there's always something else trying to asplode out of there. When I did my short story about the snake I had several friends say stuff like, "you need to make it longer," or, "tell me more about the woman."

Well, I wanted to, but it just wasn't the right time. My head WANTED to asplode, but I had to reign it in.

Look, see there? I just did it right then. I'm blogging on YOUR comment page. SOMEBODY STOP MEEE!!!!!

Naomi Ruth said...

wolfie: :D I'm glad it wasn't too hard to figure out! I love when ideas snowball. You just have to learn to be fast enough to keep up sometimes.

Medeia: Absolutely. I have kept a vigil lookout for info dumps and hope I have avoided them. That's why I'm spreading out this main series over four novels. Helps spread out the information without getting too bogged up. :)

RebeccasSpleen: Thank you. I think they show off my great artistic talent.

Alan: the story of the snake? Sounds intriguing... Though. I wouldn't want a snake to asplode on me. That might be gross.

Alan Andrews said...

It's on my "basso for hire" blog. "Farewell to Bangalore" is based on an icky dream I had recently.

Sort of a Rod Serling meets Ridley Scott scene (if I may be so bold).