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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Changes to the Blog & Growing Up

Hey LamNams!

I thought I should let you know I'm making a bit of a change:
  • My blog is now: naomiruthwrites
  • My e-mail is now: naomirthompson(at)gmail(dot)com [more or less - I'm still in the midst of changing that nonsense]
I'm trying to grow up a little bit and:
  • Be a tad more professional
  • Learn how to write better
  • Learn how to represent myself better
I shall keep you updated on any other changes! I'm looking forward to see what happens for the rest of this year. There's so many possibilities!

What about you? Any changes happening this year? Any new possibilities you're looking forward to?

Have a good week, LamNams.

1 comment:

Blam said...

I've been remiss in checking in here but I'm glad I saw this. Of course I support and appreciate your resolve — in whatever direction it may be, stealing candy from children notwithstanding (unless they totally deserve it), but this stuff sounds good. 8^)

I'll try to visit again soon.