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Monday, August 30, 2010

Fairytales and Contests

So I am doing this blogfest/contest that Miss Emily is doing over here and it is Fantasticlly so much fun. There's not much time left since it is due today, but if you have time run around and write something.

You had to take a fairytale story (one that people could recognize) and twist it and put it into a different genre. This is mine:

RoseAutumn and the Hundred Years Sleep

This pic found here

The ship shrieked silently across the void of space. Within this heap of steel and plastic a girl named RoseAutumn stumbled over to the plexi-glass stasis pod. She fumbled with the controls to close herself in, watching as the metal around her blazed into roaring flame. The gas erupted, pushing the girl’s mind to sleep so that she never felt the impact, never felt the crash or heard the grinding, shredding metal.

Meanwhile, on the planet below, a Queen watched the burning flesh of metal scream from the sky and tumble among her trees and bushes. Without hesitation she slithered a feline body through the smoldering wreck and set a taloned hand on the plexi-glass that had managed to stay intact and keep RoseAutumn safe. “You are mine,” the Queen said.

For one hundred years the Queen let her forest writhe and twine itself around the foreign ship. The Queen gave of her very own life and breath to feed the girl, though how this was accomplished none have dared to ask or seek out answer. For many more years this may have continued on to eternity had it not been for one fate-filled day.

A Prince from a neighboring region ventured near the place and heard tell of the Sleeping Girl from the birds and creatures that dwelt there. And lo, the Prince forged into the forest and made war against the Queen, hacking through vine and living bramble. The Queen stayed hidden, using her powers to move rock and tree, doing all she could to kill the Prince.

After many days and night of such fighting the Prince made his way and stood before the Queen and gazed upon her. Her lower portions resembled that of a snake; her torso was feline in nature. Her upper limbs were like that of some evil beast. The Queen’s face was as Human, though her eyes were distinct, resembling nothing. The Prince averted his own eyes and in doing so looked upon the slumbering girl. Immediately, irrevocably, he fell in love with her.

“My claim is upon her,” he spoke unto the Queen and, behold, he smote her and the stench of her death spread wide through the forest. The Prince then opened up the stasis pod and, as was the custom of his people, kissed RoseAutumn upon her ruby-red lips.

“What are you doing?” She screamed upon awakening. Immediately, irrevocably, she blasted the Prince with her ray gun.


Hope you enjoyed :) It was super fun to write.


Falen (Sarah) said...

first off, that picture is AWESOME!

Poor prince. Also, i LOVED LOVED LOVED the idea of the queen feeding her with her own breath. For reals, that was awesome. What a great image

Genie of the Shell said...

Very cool story! I like the princess' reaction to getting snogged while unconscious. Hilarious.

Mary Campbell said...

ha ha - nice twist.

Clara said...

This was precious. The fairy-tale alike narration did not prepare me for the ending, it was very surprizing!

Kate Haggard said...

I always wondered why the real Sleeping Beauty never reacted like that. Awesome.

Elena Solodow said...

The ending sold it! Gotta love the ray guns.

Mia said...

My immediate reaction was to laugh when she did that with her ray gun but then I felt really sorry for everyone because she doesn't know he was in love with her and nooooooo.

Very good!

Brenda Drake said...

Awww, so sad she shot him with the ray gun. Great story! :D

Emily White said...

Update: I'm posting finalists tomorrow. Not Wednesday. See you there! :D

Francine said...


OMG, awesome twist!

Poor bastard gets blasted for kissing the popsy.


wolfie 402 said...

I loved it!!!
The ending was HILARIOUS!
Nice imagination. :D

Jen said...

AWESOME TWIST!!! I loved this piece!!! Great job on the entry! I'm so excited to see who is in the finals!!! :)

Hannah Kincade said...

oooh, seriously, I'm stealing that picture.

I agree with Sarah, the breath line is awesome.

Donna Hole said...

That was good. I never agreed with happy endings in fairy tales anyway.


aspiring_x said...

man these twisted princesses have some bite to them, huh? great version!

Ishta Mercurio said...

She blasted him with her ray gun - oh, my! Vicious, but understandable. Poor guy. Nice work.

J.C. Martin @ Fighter Writer said...

Ahahahaha! What a brilliant ending! A cool take on the Sleeping Beauty story. And good job describing the alien Queen!

Damyanti said...

I love the last line :)

Rebecca T. said...

I love how it's all formal and high-speech and then BOOM ray gun. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You rocksocks :D

AchingHope said...

Ah, sorry guys! I forgot to thank y'all for your comments! :D They mean so much to me *hugs comments*