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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Well, So Much for Keeping it a Secret

Yup. It's my birthday. I was going to be all *hush hush* about it but Someoe decided to post it on her blog *shakes head at Rebecca/Sonshine* and then another someoe posted it up on Facebook *shakes head at Claire/Co-Worker* so the Cat's out of the bag as they say.

Huh. People say weird things.

Oh! Today I am writing with a sparkly purple pen! It's amazing.

Oh, and the aforementioned Claire bought me caffeinated sugar coffee. I haven't had caffeine in I don't know how long, so... I'm on the verge of running around the parking lot squeeling.

BUT that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is... Um... Write about things that I get to do now that I'm 21.

1. Find a good excuse not to drink liquer/alcohol. I'm trying to decide if I should lie and say I'm allergic (but lying's bad) or if I should laugh at the absurdity at the thought. I already can't walk in a straight line, I often slur my words, and speaking coherantly can cause me issues. So... Alcohol? Not a good idea. I also am thinking about staring at people and explaining to them that my grandma was an alcoholic, and I'm Terrified of that happening to me too. If I could cry on demand, this would be perfect. Any other ideas?

2. I can drive with my soon to be sixteen-years-old brother. This is very important to my brother. Because he'll be able to drive with just me in the car, and no parents. In fact, I believe he's more excited than I am. About turning 21, not the driving part. I trust him. Plus, he knows if he breaks anything he's totally paying for it from his pocket. Or from his bank. I doubt he has money in his pockets, though he probably has other, scarier, things in there. Like... dirt, fuzz, and day old french fries. ;P

3. I get to be kicked off of my parents insurance. Aw, what a thoughtful birthday present. *grins* Now I have to find a way to Never get sick Ever. I'm scared of Hospitals already anyway, so this shouldn't be hard to do.

4. I get to pay off my school debt (okay, this isn't directly correlated to turning 21, but I'm running out of things to say.)

5. I got to pay the government 80 bucks and 50 cents to get a new license. Again, awww... Just the birthday present I was lookig for. I Lurve giving the government my money.

5. Erm... I get to... be... Human? Um... Okay. I get to run out of ideas.

So that's pretty much all, my LamNams.

A Big Giant Hug and Thank You for everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. I love you guys! I talk about you as if you're "real people" and people look at me strange. But seriously, for reals, you guys are Amazing and Encouraging and all that *hugs* Thank You for being Awesome!!


Mia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again). Hehehe.


RE #1 and finding an excuse, why not actually just drink something that LOOKS like alcohol but is not? For example, because drinking laws are different here and I'm surrounded by weird partying Uni students, I often drink either tonic water or coke.

People often ASSUME I have gin (in the water)(so it's a gin and tonic)(sidenote: gin? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww, never drink that straight from the bottle, people are crazy) or vodka in the drinks. They rarely ask me why I'm not drinking, they TOTES asssume I am.

I guess it helps that my BFFL doesn't drink either...

*hugs again* Have a great day! I do believe that 21 is when all the superheroes get their super-powers. Be on the WATCH for that. I firmly believe that will happen to you this year.

Mia said...

I hope your day is a 6 on the excite-o-meter! (because I don't want you to die or the world to end)

j.m. neeb said...

Just wanted to stop by and say "Happy Birthday" to a fellow Leo. (I actually blew out the candles on my cake yesterday.)

Hope you are having a fantastic day!! :)

(p.s. I don't actually believe in astrology, but we obviously have the same sign.)

Palindrome said...

I have many friends who don't drink and they really don't have a big explanation. They just say I don't drink. The end. My boyfriend doesn't drink which means I have a sober cab for life!! Muhahaha! But I don't drink as much since we've started dating. Good influence? Doubtful. I'm just less stressed and don't need to self-medicate? A little closer to the truth.

Enough about me...HAPPY FRICKIN BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do something fun, like eat tons of good food. Mmmm, food.

wolfie 402 said...

Happy Birthday!

That's a pretty good list ya got there! ;)

PS: Day old french fries are horrible. I hope you never ever see one. *shudder*

PPS: There is nothing better to write with than purple sparkly pens. Unless, for me, it's green. :)

PPPS: Being human is awesome unless you're not human. :D

aLmYbNeNr said...

Happy birthday!

What state do you live in? I live in MD and you can stay on your parents' insurance past the age of 21...but I don't know exactly for how long and all that is confused now by the federal stuff coming in to play.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Mwa hahahaha! You cannot keep secrets from the internets!

Um. Okay, that sounded weird.



Joan Crawford said...

Happy Birthaday Missy Lady!

Hope you had a wonderful time :D

Falen (Sarah) said...

as both Palindrome and Teebore can attest, i'm not a drinker. I drink occasionally, but mostly i'm cheap and i like water.
You don't need an excuse, though i know it can be kind of a pain when you first turn 21 because it's "expected" but after a bit, that will just drop off and no one will question you as to why you're not drinking.
Still, in situations where drinking would be fun, you should try and find one drink you really like. And also, eat a lot before you drink it. That will help.

also -


Laura Marcella said...

YAY for birthdays and sparkly purple pens and being human!!! I hope you had a fantastic birthday, Naomi!!!!!

BlackRoseofLight94 said...

hee. I love how unhappy you sound about people knowing. (of course, guess who's the same way).

You might be able to get away with, "oh, I already had some" then mumble under your breath about how it was once when you were seven, or whatever.

Yeah. Your bro's pockets twould be a scary place.

thultes: a type of Thai food.

Medeia Sharif said...

I'm late to the party but...


AchingHope said...


I totally Disappeared off of the face of the Planet! Thanks ya'll soooo much for the birthday wishes!! :D I feel so loved *sniff sniff* *gets all emotional*