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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Almost There

It is very strange. There is a certain story I am working on called WhiteWashed. I have not told you about it yet because this is the story behind it:

One day on the way to watch fireworks at a Secret Undisclosed Place I wrote a page or two that i considered to be about Cinderella's side-kick. I thought, la de da de da. It would be fun to finish this one day.

The aforementioned one day happened when I was going through all my notebooks and typing bits and pieces into Glom (my laptop) when I came across Cinerella's Side-Kick.

20,000 words later I stopped typing and realized that it was much darker outside. It was very weird. So I saved the document after hemming and hawing over what to wall it. You see, I almost never get past 8 pages without knowing what to call it. I had gotten to like, 20, and still had No Idea. It was very disturbing. Finally I settled on WhiteWashed and had no idea how the name of the book would tie in with the actual book. That was Not Good.

A month or so later brought around the month of October. I was determined to finish one more book this year besides my NaNo one (more on that in a later Blog) because of a Decision that I made at the beginning of this year to write a novel every month. I failed after the Thanet's Curse fiasco (still haven't finished that). So last week or so I started typing away and wrote about 4,000 more words. Then I knew I was going to get a job soon and started write All Day. I hit 9,000 in one day and went to sleep with my eyes feeling Dead.

Now I'm at 58,000 words and I don't know what to do. I haven't even gotten used to the idea of Writing this story and it's already finishing up. I mean, I love that. Somehow the title of the book ties in wonderfully and there are more psychos in one book then I ever thought I'd have (well, other than the story about the Psycho Place, but that doesn't count). Oh. And she's not really Cinderella's side-kick. Cinderella ended up with a slightly different name and is not important, I am so glad. I did end up with a bunch of mythological creatures and the most popular 'The Ooze.' Who does not look like this:

I almost want to buy one of these...

The good news is that editing will be Fun because the story is still like new to me.

Does anyone else have Surprise stories that snuck up on you when you weren't looking?


aspiring_x said...

holy macaroni! you write FAST!!!
have fun editing! :)

wolfie 402 said...

Wow. That is some accomplishment. :)
I've had tons of ideas and writings that have been buried over time. I finally found them all a few weeks ago. I am in the process of looking over them and adding tons of stuff. Very fun and interesting. :)
Congrats! And good luck!

Jamie Gibbs (Mithril Wisdom) said...

A novel a month?! You go!
I've had a few ideas that have sprung up on me; they're all in a folder marked "to start" :P. One of these days (hopefully during NaNoWriMo) one of them will become an actual novel, hehe.

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Omigosh. This is a problem I WISH I had, lol. Finishing up a story before you even feel like you're really getting the feel of writing it? Are you a magical writing fairy? Because, if so, prepare to be kidnapped. By me. (But don't worry, I'll give you a nice, comfy room and treat you really well).

I read that sentence about a novel a month like 14 times, thinking that could not really be what you said. That sentence alone almost killed me.

You totally rock. I can't wait to read your novel(s)!

AchingHope said...

aspiring_x: Holy macaroni... I love that :) I will try to have fun editing!

wolfie: I love finding old ideas and looking at them and going "What? Is that really mine? I don't remember that." So much fun :) I hope you find some good ideas there!

Jamie Gibbs: I hope so! That would be awesome. What genre do you write? Cause if you write fantasy and ever need someone to crit your books I'd love to help out if I can! Have fun with your writing :)

Miss Dangerous: I would Love to be a Magical Writing Fairy. And hey, you can kidnap me if you want to. Be warned: I am Very Weird. I recently had a friend over and she asked my mum how she lives with me. I have not idea how I've only driven two people crazy.
I can't wait for you to read my novels tooooo! I am SO excited for that to happen. One day, one day.
(Oh, and just so you know: I haven't written a novel every month. I just tried and Failed Miserably. I'm not quite that magical. Yet >:)