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Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010: A Study in Cars

My sis brought to my attention the other day a strange consistency when it has come to my Car Problems this year. I found it mildly disturbing and thought I would share it with you. Shall we take a gander through this past year?

1. The year began with my beautiful, beautiful, Nissan Maxima that I will love forever. I drove it from January on through April, until I hit the back of a White Suburban, which happened to be on the very last day of Finals. This is what my car looked like as I said good-bye:

All smooshed ;*(

That same month I left the Christian Bookstore and started my new job at the Playhouse.

2. As I looked around for a new car friends of our family let us borrow their beautiful, beautiful, Frontier Nissan.

This Truck will be immortalized in the Spake Stories

A week before leaving the Playhouse I was finally able to find a new car.

3. An ugly colored Chrysler Malibu... It used to look something like this:

We didn't even have time to become friends... *sniff sniff*

This is all that remains:


I had stopped being jobless and had just gotten a job at Borders with the sis. I was driving down the highway going a little over 65 and suddenly I was going 55. And not accelerating. I made it over to the side of the road no problem. The tow truck guy came (Yay triple A) and took me to the Family Mechanic Man. Where we found out a very tiny explosion happened in the engine because of the stupid transmisison or whatever. For some reason when I say, "My car exploded!" and then show them that only the tires remain, they tend to freak out. So don't freak out. The explosion was tiny and contained in the engine. More boring but... Whatever.

4. Present Day Subaru:

The Family Mechanic Man has a man who works for him that sold me this for a Very Good Deal. I didn't think I'd be able to buy people presents at first (never buy a car in December) but because I've been working nearly 40 hours at the New Job I've been able to be alright.


Rebecca says that now I can never quit Borders, or my car will die. Ha. Ha. I hope not. Still, I'm planning on staying at Borders as long as I can. Just in case.

And... In case you want to torture yourself here is a Very Poorly Done video of a song I wrote for my Nissan. Very low tech, trust me. You don't have to watch it. I won't be offended. I was just feeling out of touch with reality this morning and decided to upload it to YouTube.

How 'bout you, my LamNams? Did you have any odd trends this year? Did you ever have a car or large kitchen appliance die a few weeks before Christmas? Hope y'all are ready for Christmas! Woo!


aspiring_x said...

dah! whatta lotta car trouble! yikes!
well, at least you have it all settled for now! :)

by the way, you have a very lovely voice! i can't sing... well, i *can* but it sounds like a cat in a blender... or what i guess a cat would sound like if put in...
i've never put a cat in a blender.

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

my car is fine but Twin's Ford F-150 (lovingly named Trucky) finally gave up 6 months after an icy accident left her totalled (though still driveable). She wasn't even my truck, but i still cried when we said goodbye to her. We loved that truck. She was a member of our family.
And even thougth we miss Trucky (still) she now drives a Jeep Patriot named Jeepers

Naomi Ruth said...

@aspiring_x: I'm very glad I have the car thing settled.

*blushes* Thanks. I'm glad I don't sound like a Cat in a Blender. And I completely believe you *nods* *grins*

@Falan/Sarah: Awww... :*( Poor Trucky.

*lights candle and has a moment of silence for Trucky*

That is very sweet that you name your cars. I hope Jeepers lasts a very long time.

Blam said...

The hand choreography — I was hyp-mo-tized!

Of course, I only watched the video. I'm uncharacteristically unable to remember the exact reasons, but several months ago we (or maybe just I) had determined that your car troubles coincided with me getting up to date on your blog, so I've always been careful to catch up minus the latest post. Since I had no self-control when it cake to checking out the song, though, you should still make sure your tires are properly inflated and always use your turn signal.

VW: salicod — Very salty fish.

Naomi Ruth said...

The hand choreography — I was hyp-mo-tized!

Uh... Thanks?

we had determined that your car troubles coincided with me getting up to date on your blog, so I've always been careful to catch up minus the latest post.

Oh, I do not doubt that. I think there are multiple nefarious reasons for my car trouble. Apparently, you came a bit too close to catching up on my blog, because my current car began over-heating and they could not find the reason for it. (It didn't attempt to explain that it was because a man named Blam was catching up on my blog, as they most likely would not have believed me.) But don't worry, it's fixed now. 'Twas a close one.