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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

THREE is a Number

ONE: OHMYGOODNESS I WENT TO BEA AND IT WAS AMAZING. I will be posting about it Soonish, which you all know means it could be between now and the apocalypse.

TWO: I totes sent out a query letter and am now dying. I'm keeping track in my head: well, it got sent out this day, should arrive this day, could be read any day after this one... And then I start screaming and wondering what on earth I'm doing and trying to prepare myself for what I'm calling "The Inevitable No." I love this agent, so I'm hoping it's a yes... But if this agent is not going to lurve my book, then I want this agent to say no so I can find an agent who will lurve my book, even when I'm going insane and want to hate it. You know?? I know a certain Ms. Ahiers is going through a similar process and I must say: It's nice knowing I'm not alone in my agony. Unless she is not agonified, which would be magnificent as I do not wish anyone to be agonified.

THREE: Actually there is no three. I just like having three points instead of two. Only two points is lame. So now there are three.


Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

1. I completely agree on the 3 points. You were right to put it in there.

2. Have you been using querytracker? I have because it let's you put watches and reminders on agents, so you don't have to do the maths

3. I am both in and out of agony at all times, in regards to querying. I've had some super duper highs, which are great, but also serve to really skyrocket the anxiety even higher. Mostly, i just wish there was some sort of rule that said "after so many full requests, you will get an offer". That rule would make things so much better

Medeia Sharif said...

Good luck querying. :)

I wish I had gone to BEA.

Have a great weekend.

Naomi Ruth said...

@Sarah: I have been on querytracker before and it is AMAZING but I completely forgots about it so must go back over there forthwith.

That would be a good rule, indeed. It would probably help with the sky-rocketing of emotions.

@Medeia: Why, thank you! :)

And BEA is fantastic. Maybe you can make it in a future year? Also: have a great week!!