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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So Rebecca - my lovely sis - and I went to Polaris. If you do not know what this means shame on you. Polaris involves Canadians and is a Sci-Fi Convention of awesomeness. And what could be better than a Canadian-infested Sci-Fi Convention? Well, other than pot pies, I just don't know.

Mmmmmm... Deliciousness.

Also on a completely random note, for some reason my google searches are all coming up in Czech. I'm sure you wanted to know that.

SO... We left early Thursday and Rebecca's car decided, air conditioning? Who needs air conditioning? And so it was a bit more warm... meaning super hot... then we really wished for it to be. But ah well. Ces le vie, or whatever. (Canadians speak French, and I think that's a butchered French phrase. We're being multi-cultural today.) We made it to Canada and passed through Vineland and I got excited about the Icelanders and Rebecca rolled her eyes at me. Then we made it to Toronto! And it was so greeeeeeen! And I have no pictures because they are on Rebecca's camera. So imagine something that combines trees and cities. It looked a little bit futuristic I do say.

Then we walked around Toronto and went to amazing libraries and found out that I really am a fascinating idiot sometimes. I brought three pairs of shoes. They were all high-heels. One should not walk around cities in high heels. I blame it entirely on one of my characters who is obsessed with high heels. Anyway. My feet didn't hurt too badly, fortunately, but still. Next year I will bring appropriate footwear.

Then came three days of amazing conventionness and Hopefully if I am not being a lazy bum I will post more because it was pretty amazing. And I was in the same building as Ben Browder (I waved in his general direction in honor of a few of my friends who love Farscape) and I got to see Jewel Staite (she is Adorable) and so much more! I am totes going next year, even if I am going to be mad poor, but whatever. Polaris is totally worth it. And you should totally come next year and that would be fun times.

And in conclusion, here is a cheesecake, because I am hungry and I'm going to go eat dinner:

Enjoy life, my friends, my dear LamNams, because life can be pretty pumpkins cool sometimes.


Rebecca T. said...

I like that you have a tag for pumpkins, even though you barely mentioned the word.

Also Polaris is worth being poor over. Totes.


Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

i had a real hard time concentrating on this post because i couldn't stop looking at that pot pie. OMG, i seriously need one for lunch but have no idea where to find one this time of year...

Naomi Ruth said...

@Rebecca: Pumpkins are just that worthy. And don't look at me. Mum's the one who MADE cheesecake, stuck it in the fridge, and said "No Eat." Meany-face her.

And yes. It is totes worth it.

@Sarah: Haha. You see, I did that on purpose. I had a feeling most of the post wouldn't make sense so I used what I learned in Psychology 101 and put up delicious pot pie to distract you from my writing.

Hm... I know we got our tiny pot pies in a box from Sam's Club. You could probably find some in a grocery store like that. And the brand we got is actually good and taste homey and not stupid fake which is amazing and makes my tummy happy. I would ship you one but I am mildly protective of them. I may hug the box and scream, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" but if I do, I'm not telling.