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Thursday, September 1, 2011

While I was in LaLa Land

So.... For lack of better things to post about I will explain the past two months of my life in Bullet Points! Yay!

- July - Go to Polaris and despite the alarms blaring in the middle of the night have an epically good time

-July - Come back from Polaris and find out Borders, where I have tried to work for years, is closing.

-July - Customers begin to lose all courtesy and repeatedly infringe on my space bubble

-August - Have a physical done for school

-August - Two customers poke me in the back. I nearly kill them

-August - Find out I might have something wrong with my thyroid

August - Get denied for a Student Loan

August - Get a denial for my query

August - Might not be able to go to school

August - Drama unfolds in my personal life like an origami swan

August - My dad co-signs and I can go to college!

August - My thyroid is fine! As far as I know.

August - Pat my friends on the head and tell them to get along

August - Leave Borders and cry on the way home

August - Almost crash twice

August - Make it home safely

August - Pack like a banshee

August - Move to VA

August - Leave phone charger at friend's house so I cannot call anyone

August - Go through the rigors of Orientation

August - Write this blog post

September - First day of classes

So. Yes. That was my past two months. How were yours???


Rebecca T. said...

Wah! and ahahahaha!

Oh, and the thing I use to get it to post automatically to Facebook is RSS Graffiti (or something like that) it's super easy to set up and then it will just post whenever you post :D

VW: mairepro - A female horse's professional stylist

Hannah Kincade said...

Well I moved...I could elaborate, but it's long and boring. I will be back regularly soon like, possibly next week. I'm glad you get to go to school and sad that Borders closed. I hate to see bookstores bite the dust, it's very depressing for a writer.

Good to see you are well!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

well i did a post on my blog about the crazy crap happening in my life as well. There was breaking and entering and theivery and broken things and pets. But things seem to be on the mend.