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Monday, October 10, 2011

Life = Interesting

There is something I have come to realize about life. Life doesn't really make sense most of the time. For example, some girls go to college with this mindset:

And instead of finding even one boy, they end up finding a whole lot of homework and wonderful friends instead.

Then you have other people, who are more like this:

And they are the ones who end up meeting someone before classes even officially start.

And this can sometimes seem unfair. But I think it all works out. Because those who were just looking for boys end up finding themselves. Or really good friends. Or they learn how to make pottery and they become beautiful cat people who find beautiful cat men later in life.

And the one who was against boyfriends ends up learning more about who they are, and that it's okay to trust people.
So in the end, I think life works itself out. Maybe not all of the time, but I think it happens a lot more often than we realize.


vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

so true.
i went to college wanting to focus on studies... ended up married and dropped out before the second year.

PurpleMist. said...

Yesss. Exactly.
I was nodding my way throughout this post :P
Love the drawings!

Rebecca T. said...

*has no comment that makes sense or can be shared on the interwebs* But you are made of awesome.

dusmi08 said...

can I get a sequel where the nice boy does somthing stupid and the loving girl forgives him.

... it's for the fans :s

Naomi Ruth said...

@dusmi08 It's not a matter of forgiveness, my dear. It's a mater of: I don't think you'll like the sequel I have planned very much. And the fans will understand. And I really don't think that blogspot is the best place for this conversation.