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Monday, March 26, 2012

I Was Going to Write a Post and Then Forgot

So, I as writing my post for over in BWOB (my Booksellers Without Borders thing that I do; although BWOB is significantly more fun to say), I was thinking: HEY! DUDES! I should write a post over at my other blog.

And then promptly forgot what on earth I was going to say.

So this post in increasingly pointless which I love increasingly much. Muchly?

I am taking a Latin class and randomly think of words in Latin now. LIKE tot and tam and tandem and what is with all the q words? There's like, a thousand or something. I have decided that Romans just liked going around saying "qw" all of the time.


I forget the other thing I was going to say. It was going to be full of excitement I assure you.

There is a cemetery on my campus. I didn't know that when I applied here. If I had known, I probably would have applied sooner. It should definitely be something that put in the pamphlet. Sometimes when I take a break from studying I go and lay on top of Charles (it's one of those fancy flat grave-stone-box-things) (thing in Latin is rem). It is fantastic. There is a bush in the middle of the cemetery and my roommate likes to hide in it. She is also fantastic.

AND! There are randomly random things.

ALSO: I have decided that I don't like John Locke or Descartes. I'm glad they're dead or I'd have to find them and kill them, and killing people goes against my moral code, and the moral code of the Sumerians. I think. I don't know. I've only memorized the first law in the code of Hammurrabi so far. Or however you spell his name.

He looked like this:

EXACTLY like this. People back then used to be built of stone. Flesh is actually a more recent human thing.

ALSO: he wrote like this:

It is beautiful. I have Akkadian written on my mirror, and I painted it on my roommates one painting (with her permission, of course - actually, more with her threatening me then with her giving me permission) and I carry flashcards around with me for when I'm bored. *drool* I love this stuff. It's SO HARD! But one day I will know it all and no one will no why. Do you want to know why? Ha! But then I couldn't say no one would know, because you are a someone and you would know. Right? Right. However, I trust you, oh internet crawlers, and blog readers, and lamnams of awesome: I am one day going to time travel to Sumer and die of some sort of bug plague and it will be the best way to die ever, because I will be able to hug a Sumerian. And hugging a Sumerian obviously brings completion to one's life.

Good night my Lamnams. Fare thee well.


Elsa S said...

I don't know what you're talking about- there wasn't any threatening going on with that painting. -innocentexpression-

Anonymous said...

this made my day :)

Naomi Ruth Thompson said...

Elsa S and Eileen: I just found your comments and they make me happy *hugs all the comments*