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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to Stop Blog Lethargy

In the past four days I have had an awful hard time thinking of something to blog about. And then I'll think of something! And I'll write five words! And then I'll think it's stupid! And it pretty much stops there.


Really. I have at least five posts sitting in my 'Posting' tab that I just Could Not finish.

Which got me thinking: What are the best possible ways to fight Blog Lethargy?

1. Freestyle: Just write whatever gobbley-gook that you want. It doesn't matter if it's good, as long as it doesn't make any sense, like my poetry!

Example: "Around the corner bend museum, Hark! A spotted lamb, I love your shiny shoes."

2. Word/Picture Association: Using google and a dictionary look up a random word, find a pic that matches it, that reminds you of another word, that makes you find another pic, and etc.

Example: "Simon"

You cannot deny his creepiness

3. Take your time to angst about everything in your life. Even if you don't know what angst is, don't worry about it. It will come naturally to you.

Example: "I hate my life, my hot boyfriend isn't really my boyfriend, and I think cows are skinnier than I am."

4. Take a moment to share random pictures For No Apparent Reason.

Example: "These are some of my fav pics from when I went to the British Museum!"

A bird!
A pig... I think.

5. Document yourself doing a Most Normal Event, and make it as epic as possible.

Example: "My arm strained forward toward the kleenex box as if in slow motion. My heart thudded louder than gunshots in my ears, non-ending, perfectly spaced gunshots. My whole body was palpitating under the extreme stress. I wasn't going to make it. Fear blanched my skin, sweat oozed out of my pores as if my entire body had become one with my nose.

Aha! Victory! My fingers snatched up the kleenex just in time to catch the dripping snot that loomed out of my nose like a vicious disease-covered rope."

Anybody else have any ideas? *is hopeful*

P.S. I am mostly being serious about these, although one or two entries may have inadvertently become sarcastic.


j.m. neeb said...

Just a thought...

Personally, I'm partial to taking a look at current events whenever I don't have any good ideas.

Scanning the news is almost guaranteed to help generate a couple of thoughts which can turn into material for posts.

To clarify, I don't mean just retelling the news so much, but putting a personal spin on it can really lead to something. Kind of like an opinion column would do.

Falen said...

Ha! This was an awesome post!
Also i really want to play simon now. I'm AWESOME at simon. i'm really good at memory games.

I tend to find blog posts come in groups - so i'll have a whole bunch lined up ready to go. And then none...

sarahjayne smythe said...

Recently I went to a M-W-F posting schedule instead of posting every day. I used to auto-schedule my posts when I was doing them everyday, and tried to get a week's worth of them done the weekend before. Maybe a schedule will help.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

bwa hahahaha! I will most definitely keep all 5 of these tips in mind. :)

Blam said...

Really. I have at least five posts sitting in my 'Posting' tab that I just Could Not finish.


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