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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Writerly Snacks... And Kind Threats

I don't usually snack when I write, but I still thought this was cool...

Over at YA Highway they had a "What Kind of Writerly Snack Are You" and I thought it was pretty cool. I was fruit, which fits perfectly. I love me some good fruit.

If you want to take the test here's the link: This Is A Link (but it might be wrong, so it's probably best just to go over to YA Highway, since they are super cool anyway)

And that's all for now, except for:

I am almost done with m first Spake book. I just need one more scene to write. Could a couple of you start threatening me (in the most creative way you can think of without being vile or potty-mouthed) so that I actually write the stupid thing? Only if you want to. Thanks.

I'll talk to you later, my writing pals. (Seriously, one day I will think of an Epic name to call you guys, until then, I will just call you Lame Names)


Misty Waters said...

Mmm . . . okay. A non-threatening threat.

*taps finger on chin*

*lightbulb moment* Aha! I've got it! Oh wait . . . no I don't.

*sighs* I give up. Just flippin' write it already!

PK said...

I saw you are a fan of Seabird. My best friend's cousin is in the band. She loves the band and always talks about it.

Joan Crawford said...
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Joan Crawford said...

Listen here, Missy, you write that GD scene this instant. You're a darn fine writer- I thoroughly enjoy your writing (and I am the fanciest man in the world, so that's saying something) and you need to grind it out! You may think it's a pile of vomit but Darn It - you produced something! Pick out the good bits after you feel better!


I didn't swear and I tried not to be vile! I mean it - you, m'lady, are one interesting Little Creature. Your writing reveals your depths - let us explore some more!

*I forgot a word in my original post:

me = not a good wordsmith.
you = awesome wordsmith. Wordsmithian, even.

Palindrome said...

You might want to stay glued to your seat because the next time you get up, I'm putting glue on your seat and then...problem solved. *waving hands like a magician*

Anonymous said...

My quiz result was cookies.

But you're not allowed any. No luxury items until you finish writing.

Good luck.

Mia said...

I know I'm late to the party but I was cookies *hugs*

I feel bad about this because I wanted to be all healthy and fruity

(although I do love sweet bakery items so meh)

Lame Namers might be a good thing to call us *nods* I like being a Lame Namer :)

AchingHope said...

@Misty Waters: Haha... Aw, you're sweet.

@PK: Really?? That's cool. I've really been enjoying their music.

@Joan Crawford: Aw, I was looking for threats and got a compliment? How awesome is that?? *gasps, tears up* A Wordsmithian? *sniffs dramatically* Thank you!

@Palindrome: *tries to stand frantically* Ah! It's too late! *folds arms crossly and begins to write scene*

@Medeia: Ah?! No cookies! *types story furiously*

@Mia: I love cookies!! Anyway, I will call you a Lame Namer if you wish, as long as you know you're not Lame *nods*

Blam said...

Since more than "a couple" of us have already threatened you, I guess I'm off the hook. Which is good, since I'm late commenting anyhows. [Cue Joan: "Oh, how cute. Blam thinks he's 'off the hook'. Next thing he'll tell us he's 'totally rad' and 'It's Hammertime!'"]

Ich bin ein cookie too, by the way.

AchingHope said...

@Blam: Oh, you can threaten me any time. ;)


Maybe that didn't come out exactly as I had planned.

Blam said...

Get on the stick, missy!

(You said "any time". And *sniff* I miss you.)

AchingHope said...

Haha... This is actually a timely threat. I've just been wasting the past hour not writing when I'm supposed to be.

*sniff sniff* I miss you too. Glad you're still alive, mister.