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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NaNo Update...

With the help of Twitter and my Twitter friends on there, I was able to convince my friend, H.M. Komorowski, to write my NaNo novel for me. Finally I convinced him, considering the idea included exploding wardrobes and creepy forests. I was very happy to sit back and watch him write until this morning.

As I may have mentioned before, a whole LOT of my ideas come from dreams.

I am the cat, and the ambiguous 'Z' is a story idea

Thus I woke up with a Serious Problem. I had two ideas to pursue for this month. And I like them both. And I'm having trouble writing either one. This is why I decided it is NOT a good idea to finish writing a novel the eight days before NaNoWriMo. Just NOT a good idea. *shakes head*

Now I must decide what to do... Exploding Wardrobes or an Excess of Sugary Cereals? The choice is just so difficult.

Am I the only one who finds this picture Disturbing??

Anyway. That's where I am right now. ALSO, in an hour I have to run to my new job and try not to DIE. I haven't worked for two months. It will be Weird. Definitely Daunting.


wolfie 402 said...

Dreams have to be the best place for ideas. Mine are totally random, but give me a bit of variety. :)
And personally, I would go with exploding wardrobes. Explaoding stuff if always fun. :D
That picture is very disturbing. Very. There's something wrong about a cow in a bowl of ceral.
And good luck with that job! Try not to die! ;)

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

i don't like those cow's udders hanging out of the bowl...

Elena Solodow said...

Second picture definitely disturbing.

aspiring_x said...

that picture is SUPER disturbing!
i think it might have just jinxed the sugary cereal idea... or... wait! is the sugary cereal idea a horror story??? then the pic just might lend to inspiration...
ok, exiting this blog now...
too disturbing

Jamie Gibbs (Mithril Wisdom) said...

Yup, that picture just ain't right, hehe.

I say go for exploding wardrobes. Anything that explodes makes for good fiction :D
Good luck Nanoing!

Mia said...

Both! WOOOT. I know it sounds odd but if you write them both and alternate depending on your mood and paste them into the same document at the end of the day then you'll still have written 50k in November, just between two things. And, um, no I have no idea if that's allowed. Ahem.

*waves BOTH banner around*

Naomi Ruth said...

@Wolfie: Yes, I Love getting stories from Dreams. I try to rationale sleeping SO Much because of this.

@Falen: I think that's what makes it so disturbing...

@Elena: I'm glad you agree! :)

@aspiring_x: Huh... I hadn't thought of making it a horror, but with the right kind of cereal, maybe ;)

@Jamie Gibbs: Thanks! Yes, I definitely like making random things explode. So. Much. Fun.

@Mia: That's what the Rebecca said to do. She said it's Not Cheating and Totally Acceptable. So though I've been leaning toward the Exploding one, I have kept writing the Other One... Just because I can. Mwahahaha >:)