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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let Me See...

Today was a bad week in writing. It was chock-full of good things, nonsense, and white noise. (White noise is for the parts of this past week that I know happened, but I can't remember anything but a white fuzz. You'd think I took drugs or something, but I hate even sudaphed, and I never take advil or tylenol. They're of the DEVILLLLLLL! Ok. Not really. But if in the end they do end up being of the devil, I totally called it.)

The closest I could find to devil tylenol. Sadness.

All this to say my word count is low. I forget exact, but I'm pretty sure I haven't hit 20,000 yet, and it's pretty much half a month over... Wait.

I promised myself I would not be all whiny-whiny, I'm a baby! I hate my life! Kill me now!

Stormtroopers hate their life too. We will commiserate together!!

So here is the good news: 22,038 is my word count! yay!

Here is the bad news: 30,362 is where I am supposed to be. FAIL.

Good news again: I can write today!

Bad news again: 8342 is how many words I would need to write to make it up. That's at least 17 pages.

So what am I doing here instead of writing like a banshee?

This is a banshee.

What I am doing is waiting to tell you a story! Just a quick one...

I was scrolling through what I had written last night when I saw one of the *gasp!* red squiggly lines letting me know I had spelled something wrong. Death! dying! Destruction! Yeah, no. Writing fantasy or anything fantasy-related means that there are squiggly lines all the time. it doesn't matter if Nadra, Cynferth, Cenweard, and Braeden are all real names (Afrikaan, Welsh, English, English) the dictionary does not recognize them. And in order to make my book more friendly all curses are in a language that doesn't exist, so there are squiggly lines under Yila! Kriev! Yuksiy! etc. (Although Yila doesn't count, I just like saying it).

So when there was a squiggly line I wasn't too worried, but I read it anyway just to make sure. And it was a good thing I did. It turns out my one character, Damaria, was sitting on a pile of plankets.

Yup. Instead of soft woolen blankets, she was resting on a whole bunch a' slabs of wood. How comfortable.

Wait! Wait! Wait! Plankets are REAL! Check this out:

I just had a #8 E-o-M experience

The description is hilarious, so check it out here. Oh my puppy dogs and windshield wipers. Incredible.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

I love, love, love the pictures! Hilarious. Hang in there on the writing and word count. :-)

Joan Crawford said...

This was funny! Deviled ham! My mom never made it for us but a girl in my class used to get it for lunch and I was so jealous of her beyond fancy food :D
Don't beat yourself up! 22,038 words is more than I have written in my whole life*!

*Probably, not only do I not write but I am too good at the arithmetics either, eh.

AchingHope said...

@Shannon: Thank you! Glad you liked the pics. I think that's my favorite part about blogging

@Joan: You know what, I don't know if I've ever had deviled ham. Hm...

(Numbers are EVIL too. Trust me. I know.)

SonshineMusic said...

hahahahahA! Plankets! ::snort::

Blam said...

Deviled... Ham... Spread?!?
I'm sure it goes great with Spamshakes.

Blam said...

I hope this works.
I tried to find one with 666 mg. but, alas... earwax.

AchingHope said...

Exclamation Point! I LOVE IT!

Falen said...

GAH! You have TWO BLOGS??!!! SHOCK!

Anyway, about the WC, don't worry so much about it. My WIP ended up at just under 99k, and it took me 3 months to do that. Even if you do 1000 words a day, you could have a full length novel in under 90 days. That is a completely doable task, so your 20k is nothing to be ashamed of. 20K is awesomesauce

AchingHope said...

@Falen: Awww... Thanks :)

(And yes, I have two blogs. I am addicted to making blogs. I need to get involved with Blogger Anonymous or something.)