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Monday, February 22, 2010

Awards Make Me No Longer Depressed

I am having issues writing the sequel to Blackburn's Prisoner (which I think I have decided to call Thanet's Curse). The problem is a) I got waaay behind in word count, 2) I don't care about the characters or the situation they're in (I seriously am trying to figure out what happened to the people and story of Blackburn's Prisoner that I loved so much.) This may not seem like a huge problem, so what if I FAIL entirely? Well, the problem is I am planning on querying an agent for Blackburn's Prisoner, and if I can't write this stupid sequel, that will be a big problem if I ever sell the first one. For some reason publishers want an author to be able to write a sequel if the first book ends in a major cliff-hanger. *Shrugs*

A cliff hanging Robot! My story is not as cool as that.

And I really don't want this book to hang-over into March, because I was planning on writing something else, something that I am really excited about. Usually, this would not bother me, since I'm a pantser I just go with the flow and write whatever I am excited about. This does not finish novels. This leaves me with a ton of beginnings (many of which I love), but not a lot of middles, and even fewer ends. (<-- Except for this one story where I have only been able to write the ending scene. What is up with that?) I do not want Thanet's Curse to end up wallowing in the mud somewhere without me. I want to finish it. I must! I must! (Oh, another issue I'm having with it: it is sounding way too much like another story I wrote. No. That is so not allowed.)

Wow.. There is a whole book description of this over HERE. Bizarre.


I just got home from work and went back on blogger to finish up this post, but before I did I ran over to Musings of a Palindrome, because I thought I was following her already, but I wasn't, so after I finished gasping in astonishment I clicked on the follow button. Then I read her post. And nearly died.

I didn't even know she knew I existed!! Well... Not enough to give me an award. I nearly cried my eyes out.

Seriously. This came up under "cry my eyes out."
Someone out there understands the evils of high heels. I applaud them.

But the Award specified Slumpvis Musings, so I will post more fully about it over there, even though I have something in dire need of posting over there. Gah. Too many, many things.


Joan Crawford said...

Congrats on your award!

I wish I had any advice for you about the writing process...I would probably just end up yelling "Stupid words - Perform!" at the story I was working on. Maybe try lucid dreaming? Apparently, you just really think a lot about something before bedtime and then first thing when you get up - write it all down. I have never formally done this BUT last night, I was thinking about Lost and I had a whole Lost dream. And...ugh, this is too shameful to even put into print...I was married to Jack.

And I liked it.

I was all "Hey, this dude's pretty good looking. Look how tall he is. Mama did pretty well for herself, yes indeedy."

*vomits everywhere*

Oh, well, at least he wasn't actively crying in my dream - so there was some wish fulfillment.

AchingHope said...

@Joan: I actually have dreamed stories before. It's not as fun as it sounds. It's kind of like... being possessed. But not as demonic.

URGH... blehl blehk blehk... Married to Jack??!! I am ashamed in you, woman. Although, I suppose if he wasn't crying all the time and being a weird-o he wouldn't be that bad.

Falen said...

Joan - yeah but before he grew a jeard and became a whiney baby, jack had some good parts. He is attractive and has tattos. Also he's a doctor honey. A DOCTOR. You could do worse

Aching - i'm of two minds about your dilema. One is that i know what it's like to get caught up writing a novel that's just not doing it for you. I spent years on one and it wasted a lot of time i could have spent on writing something else. So in one mind, i say if you're not feeling it move on to something else. But two, if it needs to get done (and if there's a cliffhanger, it needs to get done) than just try and pull a nano and write 1500 words a day. Even if it's hard, still do it and you'll be done in no time and you can put it aside.
OOh, another option would be to rewrite the first novel so it doens't end in a cliffhanger. Make it a complete book (but leave a few things unsolved leavign the possibility of a sequel open) and then you wouldn't be forced to write the sequel. At least not now when you're not feeling it.
If that makes sense...

God, this is the longest comment i think i've ever written

WVW - mygibins - personal monkey attendants. Hmmm i might actually use that on friday...

Falen said...

looking at the comment now that it's posted reassures me that the comment is not as long as i feared it would be

AchingHope said...

@Falen - Well, I was TRYING to do the whole nano thing, but someone vacuumed up a week in February and I can't find it, so I lost a whole week of writing, which just stalled the whole process.

So I thought about re-writing the first one to be complete. But the first one already is complete. Tacking on a whole 'nother story to it would feel unfair and fake.

*sigh* Ah well, I am determined to plug on until it makes sense, and if worse comes to worse I'll just have to abandon it for a little while.

And GASP! I may have to write an outline. Ah! I'm losing ma pants!!

(in case you can't tell, I loved your whole pantser vs. non-pantser thing)

Falen said...

the pantser thing is indeed good. And maybe if you do an outline you'll see that it works well for you. It's how it happened for me anyway...

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

Of course, I'm, following you!! I'm just slow and easily distracted by shiny things and donuts. OMG, what if they invented a delicious shiny donut that would be so awe-, hey what's that over there?

AchingHope said...

YES! A shiny donut!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

I know, huh? It would be perfect!! All of the things I love on one plate!!

I'm glad I helped make you not depressed. And high heels are evil.

I have a lot of great beginnings as well or I'll start writing the synopsis of something good and then I'll realized I had that idea already. Then it warps into some great big uber idea!!