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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Odds and Ends

This week I got some exciting things in the mail. They are small, they are pieces of paper, and they have pictures on them. What could they be, you ask? Why! They are these:

Business Cards!!!

I just love I heard about them through Rachele and I checked out the website and they gave you ten cards for free. Free, people. I am poor, and free is good. Now, when I actually get published, and when I am not longer poor (these two things don't necessarily go together) I will buy some more. I was quite impressed with the quality. And they let you upload your own pictures. How sweet is that? I will tell you how sweet. How sweetly exciting: #3.

And also I got these:


And not any books, but books by Jessica Wagstrom about Xlormp. They're a parody of the Twilight books, and they are absolutely hilarious. She does take some cheap shots by using crude humor (I call it cheap, because anyone and their dog can do it. It takes much more creative juice to be funny without just mentioning something considered 'taboo' by society) but over-all she is so funny I can't help but bust out with snorts and "GHK!" while trying to breathe.

And one day I may tell you what I think about Twilight, but for now I am going to go write a thousand words or so.

Oh! And there is a contest over at: Falen Formulates Fiction. SonshineMusic told me about her, and she is a super cool person, so I thought I'd let you know :)


Joan Crawford said...

Business cards! Fun! The first time I had business cards made up, I got "Sales Extraordinaire" put under my name. My boss took them away and threatened to make me pay for the 500 I ordered. I thought it was much more impressive than "Sales Associate". Anyway, we had another 500 made up and I ended up walking out in a huff a few weeks later. Sucker! Man, the freedom of being 19!

AchingHope said...

Sales Extraordinaire is sooo much better! Dude! I can't believe he made you change them. Sounds way more professional.

Chewbob said...

OH HAI I stumbled upon this blog post and I figured I'd comment. I appreciate your honest review, and to be fair, I never made claims of Xlormp being high humor. ;) I think the entire series was something of a cheap shot, really.

It warms the cockles of my heart to see all the books laid out like that! I've never actually seen the fourth book "in person" before. Isn't that sad?

Chewbob said...

By the way, these "Chewbob" comments are from Jessica Wagstrom. I thought my Google account would post my full name but I GUESS I WAS WRONG.

Naomi Ruth said...

Omgoodness... I feel like I have been visited by a celebrity. That is most definitely sad, I do agree.

I actually wrote part of a song inspired by Friggin. It's about weather. I had this whole idea for a musical based off of Xlormp, because I think of everything as a secret musical.