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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Think I had Sugar When I Wrote This?

Oh my sugarcane! I totally forgot how to blog!

No. Seriously. I was writing stories and creating time lines, but every time I thought about blogging my brain went ZWAP! "Blogging? What is that? That sounds foreign and hard and difficult."

And then today I finally was able to read some blogs and it was like remembering how to ride a bike with another ZWAP! I remembered "Oh! That's blogging. That still sounds foreign and hard and difficult, but I will be foreign and hard and difficult, so we will match."

Okay. Maybe I didn't think that word for word, but you can pretend.

Oh! Today I heard a magical compliment!

First things first, I finished the first (short) draft of Cinnamon and Calamus: or Why You Shouldn't Trust Spakes and I sent it to some peeps. One person was my mum. And guess what she asked me???

"Did you write this, or did ElvishVampireHobbit?" (Only, she used my friend's real name, because my mum actually knows my friends' names because she is cool like that, and she's not creepy enough to know them by their blogging names)

And then I spazzed out!

You see, the main girl is named Scotch, and she is based on ElvishVampireHobbit. If ElvishVampireHobbit was scooched over into a side reality, she would be Scotch. So I wanted her to NOT sound like me at all, but like my friend. And my mum wasn't sure if I had written it, or if my friend had.

WIN! I got the voice down! Hoorah! :D

I was so worried it would sound too much like me, and my stalkerish tendencies had gone completely to waste.

You see, stalking people is good for some things. I watch people, pay attention to what words they use and stuff. Especially if I'm basing a character off of them, I get really weird. I keep their texts and analyze them, I hang out with them just so I can see what kind of faces they make, or whether or not they have weird finger twitches. YES I AM A FREAK! But it helps me write stories so pshah, it's okay. Plus, I only stalk people when I have permission. Usually. Ahem.

Enough sounding like a freak. I am going to go and pretend to be productive. Charge!

This is pretending to be productive

This is charging.
I have no idea why this is exciting, but it is!


wolfie 402 said...

Forgetting how to blog? I know the feeling. Too bad I'm having a difficult time getting back into it. Hmmm. By the way, loved the pictures and such. I definitely needed the laugh. And it's okay to stalk people. Sometimes. Only if you have a good reason. Or not. Hmmm. Maybe I should see a professional about this...

ElvishVampireHobbit94 said...

Wow. that's really good that you sounded like me. (I will see when my computer is back from another epic death. It's too long to read/print out at the library). But, really bad she has been around me enough. It was probably that one time I just began spouting stuff because I was scared. Um... she can't see this.

VW: trifying. v) TRIFY: to calculate obsessively after an exam is passed back, or recently finished in order to keep oneself sane and/or to verify if one's GPA (grade point average) is still in tact, decreased, or increased. (n)

Misty Waters said...

Congrats on getting the voice down! That's amazing to me b/c I think I have some work to do in that department. I tried doing it a few times, but then the muse takes over and sends my characters personalities in a whole other direction.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

hahaha! I love your posts *sighs happily*

VW: ingingen - something redundant

Falen said...

hmmm - clearly if i even have need of stalking lessons, i know where to turn

AchingHope said...

@wolfie402: Ahahaha... Well, at least I'm not alone. On both counts, forgetting to blog and the *cough* stalking thing...

@ElvishVampireHobbit: When were you scared and spouting off? And what were you afraid of? Spakes?

@Misty Waters: Muses are difficult that way *pouts* Thanks for the congrats! Hope your characters behave ;)

@sonshine: Awww, thanks sis! :D

@Falen: Can you imagine if I could get paid to do that?? Uh... I mean. I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not a freak. *ducks head and scurries away*

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit of a stalker myself. I think many writers are. :)

Blam said...

That pic of the toy cash register makes me feel old. My sis and I had a Fisher-Price one as kids, but you actually had to depress big round buttons and there was no credit-card swiper or digital readout — nor were there on the actual register I used in my grandparents' store growing up, where the numbers rolled around like old-timey pinball machines (read: pinball machines from my youth).

AchingHope said...

@Medeia Sharif: I agree :) I think a lot of Writers have Stalker attributes. It's the way we see the world.

@Blam: Oh don't worry, I never had a cash register like that either. In fact, all we had was the money drawer, we didn't even have a register at all. though we had a safe. I'm not sure how that all worked. But it made perfect sense when I was younger.

Blam said...

I never had a cash register like that either. In fact, all we had was the money drawer, we didn't even have a register at all. though we had a safe. I'm not sure how that all worked.

Now that I think about it, the Fisher-Price cash register was sort-of its own thing — fun to drop in the big plastic "coins" and push the buttons and all that — but didn't actually get used when we played store, possibly because it had moved on to younger kids in the family.

Who needs toys when you have your imagination, anyway? I mean, aside from the really awesome ones.

But it made perfect sense when I was younger.

So much does...

AchingHope said...

Who needs toys when you have your imagination, anyway?

True. We always played with things like plastic bottle and cardboard boxes. Much more fun than weird plastic things. Oh! And mud. We played with mud and rocks ALOT.