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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

E is for Eurghakkkkkkaaaa (Because I Don't Know What Else to Name This)


Right now my brain is so fried from school, a symposium thing-a-ma-bob (nothing major, just a lot to think about) so I'm going to do another book blog. Yay!

So awhile ago I won a contest Falen was hosting. Ages, and ages ago, when the moon was still young and the sun was still old... Erm, I mean... *sigh* Reading way to much mythology stuff, anyway. I won a B&N gift card and I finally just HAD to go book shopping today. Look what I got:

I LOVE mythology books. I am so excited to read them, and I've already start going highlighting crazy on the one. The other tiny, tiny pic of one is an herb book. It has led my mum and me to want to start an herb gardening. I am totally doing that this summer.

After I write a paper on the reason why America won't continue because of the lack of mythology.

Oh! And about the Contest: I realized I forgot to ask ya'll to add up your points when you're all done, and leave the total in the comments. With how good I am with math, if I counted points up I'd end up giving someone -23 points and someone else 62.


Raquel Byrnes said...

If you love mythology, you might like my post for the letter K. Its about the Kraken...kinda.

Jayne said...

Those books look lovely. I also like mythology. Symbolism, legend, superstition – all of it is fascinating! As for herb gardening – I nearly always have a pot of basil on the window-sill, but have not yet really had a go at growing anything from seed. One day when I have a garden… :)

Falen said...

oooh Herb gardening is super easy!
And if you grow basil is smells so good! We always grow it, not because we use it in cooking (hardly ever) but because it's so fragrant and smells so wonderful on a summer night

Lady Glamis said...

Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth is one of my favorite books about myth. You've got a good one!

I'll have to check out those others. :)

Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Ah, the Power of Myth! I regularly rent those DVD's from netflix. Someday, by sheer osmosis, I expect to understand Joseph Campbell's genius!

I'm enjoying your blog! Thanks so much for visiting mine! :)

Talli Roland said...

I hear you on the fried brain thing. I'm thinking of adding a little garlic to mine just to make it extra tasty.

Great books! Joseph Campbell is incredible.

E. Elle said...

I've always had an interest in mythology. Now I have some books to check out. Thanks!

AchingHope said...

Raquel: I will def. check it out

Jayne: Mmmmm... Basil.

Falen: I'm going to try and convince my dad to build me a window flower box thing.

Lady Glamis: Ooh, glad to know I picked a good one :D

Amy: Haha, yes! I'll have to find those DVD's sometime.

Talli: Ahahahahaha... Yes. I'm sorry, all I can imagine is a zombie eating your brain and going, "mmm, this ones extra tasty." I know, I know. That's probably inappropriate.

E.Elle: Aw, glad to be helpful :)

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Those are books I totally would have bought!! We just planted an herb garden and I can't wait for those fragrant offerings to grow!!

AchingHope said...

@Nicole: I knew mythology was popular, but I didn't realize so many of my followers were just as excited about it as I am. I love finding out stuff like this. :D

Huzzah for the herb garden! Herb gardens unite!

Palindrome said...

ooooh, I love all of Karen Armstong's books. I never read that one though, a review is needed.

AchingHope said...

I haven't finished reading it yet, but when I do I'll have to remember to write a review. I want practice in writing reviews, because right now my reviews sound like: "Ooh la la I liked this object called a book. It had WORDS in it!"