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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A is for April and Already Aggravated

So Lee over at Tossing it Out has decreed this challenge where you write posts every day (except for Sundays) and each day you begin with a new letter of the alphabet, starting with A of course and moving down daily until you hit Z. Shouldn't be hard, right? Ha. Ha.

So, I will be attempting to do this, but it will probably end up getting divided between this blog and Slumpvis Musings. If that annoys you I'm sorry. There's just no way I can to TWO posts a day. Why?

Because April is evil. Now, most people may not realize this. But it is. Seriously. I would have to go back and check my (ridiculous) journals to double check, but from my memory I remember April always being difficult. (Except for in 2008, when I went to London. But that doesn't count.)

First: Woke up sick.
Second: Was stupid and went to school anyway.
Third: Skipped class even though I was here, because I ran up to a friend's room to sleep.

Sounds like a terrible start to the month, don't it?

Fortunately, something wonderful happened yesterday, which is holding up my metaphorically brain fort. Okay. That sounds more weird than it did in my head.

For one of my stories I am creating a mythological creature. This has been, in fact, one of my goals in life. Some people want to change the world, help initiate world peace by making scones, but I simply want to create mythological creatures. Trust me, it sounds easier than it is.

In this story (the one based on an inside joke about these creatures named Spakes) I was trying to figure out what exactly Spakes were when they weren't parading around as humans. Except, they don't really parade, because they are super, super secretive. Anyway. I knew they were dog-like, but definitely NOT werewolves. No. No. No. And so I was all confused and thinking about it right before I woke up.

And ding!

Like a microwave reaching zero, like my annoying oven finishing its countdown, inspiration hit me like a frying pan. I jerked awake and scrambled to look at my Idiot's Guide to Mythology.

I am loving this book

Right now I'm not going to give anything away, because it's an idea I haven't heard of anyone doing before so I'm kinda' being mom-protective of it, and I still have to do research on it to see if it's in fact a viable option. I will say it does not have to do with the Greeks, and does have to do with both the Egyptians and the Hebrews. Possibly. I am super, super, mad excited. Which makes up for waking up sick, missing class, and having to drag myself to another class in ten minutes.

This is why I write. Without it my life would be mad boring.

Ugh... I'm going to fall asleep just looking at this.


arlee bird said...

Sounds like a typical college student's schedule. Ah, how I miss those days!
I'm pretty sure I have spakes living in my house. I some glimpse one passing by my office door at night when I'm on the computer. In the day time I occasionally hear them in the attic. No--they are not rats. They are big like dogs--I've glimpsed them, really. Then again, maybe I've been spending too much time on the computer. My wife caught me on the computer the other evening and she said, "Get off of the computer before you break it." Feeling stupid, I climbed down off of my computer, got back into my chair, and resumed keyboarding. It's those spakes I tell you.

Falen said...

Hahah! I think i skipped like 40% of all my college classes (well except the writing ones. those were fun)
and i didn't even have an excuse like "being sick" my excuses were more along the lines of "don't want to"

Joan Crawford said...

Idiot's Guide to Mythology

Oooooh! I want this!!! I do my best to ignore all the months from March until October.

creating a mythological creature. This has been, in fact, one of my goals in life
That actually sounds incredibly difficult! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

VW: Copit
Armpit buddies

Palindrome said...

I've never wanted to create a mythical creature but I love mythology and have been dying...literally, dying to do a retelling. One day. I look forward to buying your book so hurry up and write it!

April does suck and has sucked for most of life. It hasn't started out too great either.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

LOL! I do NOT miss my college days. Hang in there.

And Idiot's Guide to Mythology? How cool is that? :-)

Stacey said...

Ohhh I miss going to class & instead sleeping at a friends:)
Your picture at the end made me laugh, does he know you take pictures of him?

Patricia Stoltey said...

Apparently you're not old enough to realize the dangers of skipping class, not studying for exams, etc. I'm 67, and I still have nightmares about avoiding a whole semester of statistics lab or going into a test without preparation. Honest, it stays with you forever. :)

Now I'm going to find a copy of that Complete Idiot's Guide -- looks fascinating.

AchingHope said...

I love that the Idiot's Guide to Mythology is so popular. You guys are amazing!

Teebore said...

I never got to skip class as much as I wanted to; I went to a private college and we had small classes w/mandatory attendance (one of those things they sell you on at the spendy private schools) so I couldn't just disappear from most classes like I could the big ones.

Drove me nuts; if I'm paying oodles of money to attend school, I should have the right to skip whatever classes I want! :)

AchingHope said...

@Teebore: My friend and I had a discussion about that. For me skipping classes is like stabbing myself to death, so I never understood the concept. I suppose if you are paying for college, you should be able to make a choice. There's always a choice. Or is it destiny?

Sorry. Still thinking about Lost.