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Thursday, April 8, 2010

G is for Greek

There is something about ancient stuff that makes me happy. Especially the Greeks. No idea why. Especially because when I was younger I absolutely refused to read a Greek Mythology for school, telling my mum I would rather FAIL, which for me is a big deal. Then my sis made me read Antigone (by Sophocles) in 11th? grade. Ever since than I have been fascinated with the time period.

Check the link for more random Greek info
Maps... *Drools*

I was so interested, that I wrote up a monologue based on Antigone. I had to go to this boring homeschool Historical Night, (sorry mum, but they were boring) where you dressed up as a historical character and tried to give people clues as to who you are. I picked Antigone, because even though she was a fictional character, she was in a play, and the play was part of history. So there.

A vase from the Louvre!!!

Instead of making up a list of clues I wrote a monologue. I worked my butt off over it, trying to get it just right. Then I stood up, looking all pale and tragic, and gave my little speech about pleasing the gods, and how I'd rather die for the gods than live blah blah blah.

Now, take in mind that I was at a homschool group. One of those Uber Christians homeschool groups (no offense). It was hilarious. There was complete dead silence and everyone was trying NOT to make eye contact with me. I could just see it on some of the parents' faces "What are her parents teaching her?"

Fortunately someone guessed who I was and everyone let out a collected breath as I got my heathen self off stage. It was great.

Following that tradition, I am writing a play in the tradition of Greek Plays for my school project. However, my college is liberal, definitely not Uber Christian (which I could go on a rant about, but I'll spare you that boring mound of words), so I think the Resist eye Contact Stares will be at a minimum.

It's basically about a Dude bringing Sophocles, Aristophanes, and Shakespeare to the modern world to comment on the world of retail. Sophocles and Aritophanes decide to bring the Cashier back to Ancient Greece, because she is treated so terribly, but of course, she is treated just as terribly in Greece. Shakespeare than wants to bring her to England, but alas, a Merchant wants her to be a wench in a tavern, so they have to scurry back to Modern Times. The Dude wants the Three Playwrights to change the world, but they let him know the world "is not there's to save" and that's it's up to him to change it.

I love it. It was so much fun to write, and I included some really super geeky things. Here are a couple of my fav lines, right after the Customer demands the Cashier to be his slave:

CASHIER: The gods must have abandoned me, to leave me in such misery.

CHORUS: We know we should feel bad for you, but we kinda' want our own slave too.

That's where it started. Those two lines got stuck in my head, and out came a really ridiculous play. Some day I want to expand it (the project is 5-10 pages long, just a one act play), because I just have so much fun with it.

This, of course, means I will have to read all of these:

Mine, mine, all mine! Mwahahahaha!

Okay. No. There not all mine. One I stole from my mum, four are my mums, and one is the library's. *Sigh* Aristophanes, I will miss you when I return you to sit on a cold, metal, dead shelf, sitting among other books less worthy than you.

He has a creepy snake beard
*shakes head*
He just lost cool points


Al said...

I love Ancient Greece.
Though I must say I love Ancient Rome just as much.
I keep thinking about writing something set some time/where in classical Greece.
But I have so much else on my to be written list.


Publish or Perish

Amie McCracken said...

Yay, a fellow (normal) homeschooler. Very nice to see.

Sounds like a great idea for a full play. Plenty of satire to mess with.

Talli Roland said...

I love those two lines you shared! Sounds like a cool concept!

I'm not really familiar with the ancient Greeks besides what we learned at school so this was interesting to read.

Falen said...

i took 2 classes in college on greek and roman archeology and it was awesome!
I'm not even a architecture girl, but it was still cool.
Turns out, though, that i like archeology with bones.
it always comes back to dead bodies for me. weird.

Lisa and Laura said...

Too fun! I love Greek mythology!

Cheri Chesley said...

Great post! I love ancient Greece. :)

Raquel Byrnes said...

Hey! I am a homeschooling mom...are you being serious when you said History Nights are boring? Cause we have those...and also Science nights...Oh, man. We're geeky aren't we? =) Great post...loved it.

Jamie Gibbs said...

Hehe, I loved reading that :D It's good to see someone who has an interest in ancient history and still has a sense of humour (I've spent too long with dry witted Egyptologists, methinks).

Ancient mythology has fascinated me, but I've never given much attention to the literature and plays. I read quite a bit of Egyptian literature, but that's as far as I usually go. I may give Antigone a try, thanks to you :D

Shelley Sly said...

Hey, just wanted to drop you a line. I was at your sister's blog earlier, and I could have sworn I was already following yours, but I must have just been reading without officially following. How silly. :) But I'm all aboard now!

isaiah26mom said...

Just think, if I had never made you go to those "boring" historical nights, you never would have done Antigone, and wouldn't have the story to tell. Yes, I am afraid some of the people were shocked, because you did such a convincing job of role playing a pagan.But it was a good experience for you. Not being a pagan, but being creative. :-)

vw: thsmsit - You tell me what it means (I am sure it is one of your languages, maybe the ones who have limited vowels.) lol

AchingHope said...

Al: I just love ancient stuff period. Once you hit the Modern world I get bored very quickly. I understand the whole "to be written list" ;) Good luck with that.

Amie: Your comment made me laugh :) Oh yes, lot's of satire, and sarcasm. Oodles of noodles of fun

Talli: Yay! :D You made me feel smart.

Falen: Haha... Old bones are pretty neat. I so want to take an ancient Greek/Rome/Egyptian class.

Lisa and Laura: Yay! :D

Cheri: Huh, Greeks are much more popular than I thought they were. Cool beans!

Raquel: Yes for Geeks! And there were boring parts, but me and the siblings tended to make it interesting.

Jamie: Thanks for commenting! That's why I get annoyed sometimes at history books, because they make it all boring, when if you read the stories they ARE filled with humor. Silly people. If you do read Antigone I hope you like it :)

Shelley: Welcome aboard, yay! I saw you had commented over at my sis' and I was thinking, snap, I need to go visit her. I shall mosey along soon.

Mumsalicious: True, true. I thank thee for the experiences. Of being a pagan? Um?

Anyway. Well, 'th' doesn't exist in Dwarvish (I don't think) or in Ancient Kruje. However, mzit = to think upon, to meditate, etc. in ancient Kruje.

Well. now it does. Mwahahahaha. >:)

Creepy Query Girl said...

what is it about greek and roman mythology that is so fascinating? Maybe because they came up with the first soap operas. I think I was around middle school age when we first studied them and it's stuck with me every since.

AchingHope said...

@Creepy Query Girl: I don't know if that's true or not, but I love that idea. :D

Thanks for commenting!

Blam said...

It's basically about a Dude bringing Sophocles, Aristophanes, and Shakespeare to the modern world to comment on the world of retail.

Now all I can think about is Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure...

VW: supsaga — The collected adventures of Clark Kent's alter ego (abridged).

AchingHope said...

I was thinking of the musical Frogs, but now all I'll be able to think of is that movie.

Oh my goodness, that was one random movie. I actually knew a guy named Bill who looked like Bill. Quite hilarious, but hard to concentrate when talking to him.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

How do you think I felt as the heathen older sister that made you read the heathen play in the first place?! Oh yes, it was totes fun :)

No, seriously. I am getting off the computer. Ooh.. look "F" I haven't read that one yet!

AchingHope said...

Hahaha... I love ya sis.