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Friday, April 16, 2010

M is for Mouse

I MISSED A DAY!!!! Augh.... The shame. *hangs head*

Stupid school.

Anyway, so what happened while I was a way:

My sister lost her mouse. She wrote a letter to him here. What she doesn't know is that her mouse did leaves a note for her, but he left it in my room. He is a very confused mouse, so you can't blame him too badly. This is what his note said:

Dear Smoochie-poos of a Rebecca,

I am terribly sorry that I left without warning. I know you must be very worried. I promise you, it was not my fault. After you had fallen asleep for the night the mice from the ceiling came down and attacked me without warning, stealing me away to their dark domain. The Queen of the Racing Mice (that's what they call her) saw me from a hole in a ceiling and demanded her legions to come and claim me as one of their own. I had no choice. Now I am eternally stuck up here, where they continually make fun of me for not having a tail. I know you never cared that I didn't have a tail. It makes me missing you an awful lot. I pray you are moving on, finding new mice in the world, because I do not think it possible for me to be free from the clutches of the Queen of the Racing Mice.

Forever yours and tailess,
Your Mousey-wousey

Awww... What sadness. It also contained this picture:

So cute...

I'm not sure if this is the Queen of the Racing Mice, or one of her minions. Hopefully one day the Tailess Mouse can be freed of his captors and find his way home.

P.S. If you've commented and I have yet to visit your blog it's only because of school, my cars brakes having to be replaced, and my general harriedness. I am so excited that I've gotten so many comments, and people caring about what I have to say. You all deserve a muffin!


Dragons Muse said...

Love, such a wonderful tale (no pun intended) I really enjoyed it. You have a great imagination.

Laura Marcella said...

I sure hope your sister gets her Mousey-Wousey back!

Oh, and I'd like a chocolate chip muffin, please. ;)

Cheri Chesley said...

Ooh, muffins!

At least your sister has had better experience with mice than I have. Found a drunk mouse once...long dang story.

AchingHope said...

@Dragons Muse: (love that name btw) Thank you :D

@Laura: Chocolate muffins... mmmm...

@Cheri: Haha... Really??? That sounds like a real good story.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

:( poor mousey. I guess I must give him up for lost now. *sigh*

Grammy said...

Sweet little Mousey Wousey! He looks so forlorn!

Blam said...

We don't comment because we want you to reciprocate on our own blogs, kiddo; we comment because your writing moves us to laughter, tears, and, maybe sometimes, throwing up just a little in the back of our mouths — mostly laughter, though.

You all deserve a muffin!

I want a sweet one!

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