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Friday, May 7, 2010

S is for Spakes and Spices and Something Secret

Spakes. Just exactly what are they? And why are they cropping up all over this mad-crazy person's blog? I have questioned sharing information on these creatures, because I want it to be a surprise if it should ever get published. (Which it will because I love Scotch so much.) However, I figure it won't hurt to give you some glimpses into the life of a spake. Beware: They are very vague and will probably annoy you so much that you will not be able to get away fast enough.

[But wait! Don't run away! Stick around to the end for news on an upcoming... ;) I'm not gonna' tell you yet, silly. You have to wait for Something Secret.]

1) Their existence began in ancient Egypt. Never mind, how, for right now. Just know that Egyptian scribes can be stupid when messing around with the Book of the Dead.

My lame attempt at Egyptian artwork

2) Obadiah likes to jump off of pyramids. Solomon, however, likes music. He ended up sitting by the Nile watching the hippos. Yup. He was always a little loose in the head. Still not sure why he went total mad, but my friend and I are still working on it. (Oh! By the way, said friend just started out a blog, which makes me crazy happy.)

No, I did not draw this during youthgroup
when I was supposed to be paying attention
to the message. *Gives innocent look*

3) If you ever meet a girl named Zipporah who is super happy and weird, DO NOT TRUST HER. She is most probably a spake and will probably kill you.

4) Spakes kill people. Most of the time it's not their fault, unless he's Habakkuk. Then it's just from enjoyment, because Habakkuk is a psychopath.

This is what a psycho path looks like
Because psycho paths are stickmen?

5) Sometimes spakes kill people wrong (::cough cough:: Jedediah ::cough cough::) and this causes all kinds of annoying issues for the person being eated. If you find yourself being attacked by spakes, and you have no way of escape, make sure you tell them to eat you properly. Trust me.

The main reason why I bring spakes up is because I'm trying to figure some stuff out about them. For one thing, spices are super important, but I cannot figure out why. There seems no reason for it. Thus, I will have to do more research on Herbs and Spices. If any of you know the names of some good books on Herbs and Spices, feel free to let me know.

With questions of spakes turning through my mind I went to the library and asked the question, "I'm creating a mythological creature. Do you have any book recommendations for that?" Because I've heard numerous times that librarians are good people, and they want to help. Two of the librarians (one of them knows me by name now, which is kinda' funny) went running around, and the one who knows me by name said she had a book at home I would probably like, and she would find out the name of it and get back to me later. How cool is that? I felt very pampered, and even if I still don't know anything about spices, I know more about Dwarves, which is important for Pixie Princess.

It leaves me happily doodling scenes from Scotch's perspective, and leaves me wondering aimlessly about Solomon (a spake). All in all, it can be stated that today was one happy day.


WAIT! Have you run away yet in fear? In boredom??

First, here's a Pumpkin pic that I forgot, and I asked especial permission from my friend to use it, so I would feel terrible if I didn't post it up here:

Hand made Punkin Love

Alright, moving on.

What is this Something Secret?? It's actually not really a secret, so I kinda' lied, but that's because I didn't want to have any Spoilers by putting the true name up in the title.

Enough of this rambling!

I'm here to tell you about: The Super Sister Contest!!! Yay!!

When my sis, Rebecca/Sonshine, and I each reach 108 followers we will have a slam-bang of a contest. There will be books, and cool things, and stuff, and... Basically it's so cool I don't even know what all we will have yet!! I do know that I will be making mini-pillows for the event. And for any men readers out there, pillows ARE manly.

So get excited, and feel free to get the word out on this slam-bang Super Sister Contest. Check out my sis (if you haven't already) over at:

She does a weekly Retail Wednesdays that will make your sides hurt from laughing too much. Or your noise. Sometimes your noise will hurt from laughing too much. (That is, if you're drinking soda while reading her blog, which isn't a safe thing to do.)

And I think that's all! :D

Oh! Wait! Other people are having contests too...

Like, Caledonia Lass over at Writings, Musings, and Other Such Nonsense is having a sister contest with Cheri. Check it out!! It's full of awesomesauce.

And Kristin Creative is having an easy-cheesy contest. Make sure you read the comment entries, they're hilarious.

And check out the Birthday Phenomenon over at Cleverly Inked, if you haven't already. It's crazy!!

AND The Alliterative Allomorph is having a contest tooooo.

I think that's all :)


Amy Allgeyer Cook said...
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Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Whoops, I got Sonshine Thoughts' name wrong! (I put Sonshine Hope, which I guess would make you Aching Thoughts. Ick!) I didn't realize she was your sister. I follwer her too. Good luck with the spakes!

Talli Roland said...

I didn't know she was your sister!

I love the spakes. Cool creature.

Sounds like a great contest!

Laura Marcella said...

Spakes!!! They sound awesome!

I have an award for you at my blog! :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Ha ha ha. I totally enjoyed this post - spakes?! Awesome!

And I love your sister's blog!

Have a great weekend! :-)

ElvishVampireHobbit94 said...

hahaha! you elaborated the sketch! I love you! I wish my library was that awesome. I mean, they are pretty cool with my eclectic mix of materials but, I don't know how they would react. Hmm...
I have to show the way to scare away Spakes when you come back, by the way.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

oh how much do I love you. You with your insane invented mythological creatures that make you afraid to go out alone at night. *shakes head in bemusement*

and CONTEST! it will be epic :)

VW: combulat - another VW that has a great definition which my brain will not release. i will come back if I think of it.

Falen said...

loveloveloveLOVE the stick figure drawings.

AchingHope said...

@Amy: Haha... Aching Thoughts... Thanks for the good luck, I will keep it safe for when i need it. *places luck in a special magical box*

@Talli Roland: Yup, the Rebecca is my sister. It's good because this way there are two writers in the house, and we can keep each other more insane. :P

@Laura: Yay! I will have to run over there...

@Shannon: Aw, glad you enjoyed :)

@ElvishVampireHobbit: (I love your name by the way) Is it the chicken making noise you were hollering at me the other night? Because I can only do a baby chicken noise, and that probably won't scaare away any spake.

@Sonshine: Hey, for all you know those things could be real, and then I could be captured and die, and then what are you going to say then, huh? *cowers behind couch*

@Falen: Aw, thanks :) Glad you liked them. It's pretty much the limit on my drawing skillz.

Blam said...

Are any of your Spakes named Zarathustra?

Blam said...

VW: lobilexc — Ancient pig-latin for "forgot to subscribe to comments".

Palindrome said...

I want those stick drawings to be included in the final draft or OR! You should get them made into greeting cards. That would be awesome sausage.

AchingHope said...

@Blam: Well, there wasn't one before, but I think I just might have to name one that now.

@Palindrome: Haha... mmmm... Sausage. Ahem. Side-tracked. I actually did make a birthday car with my cow-stick drawing. Well, it wasn't exactly a sstick-cow, but it was a bubble cow with a stick person. I will def keep that in mind the next time I give out greeting cards.