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Sunday, May 2, 2010

W is for Winners!*

*Yes, I am aware that this is alphabetically out of order, but you OCD people will just have to gt over it. And hey, I'm OCD, so I feel your pain. If it bothers you too much just pretend the name of this title is: In Which I Eat a Hearty Breakfast

WINNERS!!! Yes, that's right folks, today I picked the three winners to my contest! :D

Hoorah! So the winners are...

1st place: Palindrome! a.k.a Hannah at MusingsofaPalindrome

2nd place: Wolfie 402! at Writer Person

3rd place: Laura Marcella! at Wavy Lines

Yay!! *throws confetti*

Please e-mail me your addresses so that I can send you your prizes. My e-mail is It's easy to remember because that's my blog name.

Thanks to everyone who entered :D Have a great week!


sarahjayne smythe said...

Congrats to the winners. :)

wolfie 402 said...

Thanks so much! Here's a special surprise for you:
You've been tagged!

Palindrome said...


I WON SOMETHING?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wait're not messing with me are you?! That would be like the cruelest joke ever. I don't see the sarcastafont...



Joan Crawford said...

I don't like to eat it like a boring person!
It's purple!
Umm, you saying that it's purple kinda defeats the purpose of the blindfold...

Hahaha! I love it! Congrats to the winners!

Laura Marcella said...

WOW this is amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Great contest! I'm emailing you now. :) :) Congrats to Palindrome and Wolfie!!!

AchingHope said...

@sarahjayne: Hey! Welcome to my blog :) Thanks for commenting.

@wolfie: Why, thank you :D

@Palindrome: You want to know the funny thing? In my test run beforehand you had won then too! It was meant to be. Plus *ahem* I can hold your prize hostage to make sure I win your contest. Mwahahahah >:)

@Laura: YAY! :D

Blam said...


Oh, my face, it hurts from the laughing!

Yeah, that was worth posting a week later. No, no, it was, it was; you should know that you brought me a touch of delight — glee, even. (If only I could get my on-again, off-again, Internet to bring me Glee — stupid Fox scheduling the show opposite Lost...).

VW: conesses — 1. Lady tricksters. 2. Men sharing the role of the leader of The Untouchables.

AchingHope said...

@JoanCrawford: I just realized that I responded to everyone's comments except for yours. Um... I was just too awe-inspired by your comment that I forgot * exaggerated wink*

@Blam: Haha... Glad you enjoyed it. I honestly had no idea how it would turn out.

VW: non-existent b'c randomly blogger won't give me ones because blogger likes to laugh in my face.

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