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Thursday, March 18, 2010

8 on the Excite-O-Meter!! and Some Impossibilities

Oh, wow :D I have fifteen followers now. I was so excited at twelve, because that's one of my favorite numbers, and now I have fifteen! Fifteen is a bigger number than twelve!

Okay, sorry, had to spaz out a little there.

I have been being terrible and not blogging as much as I'd like, but as my sister pointed out I'm in school right now, so that's bound to happen. And I should be working on my story right now, but, shh! if you don't say anything it might not notice.

The other day I went to this fancy-schmancy library that was HUGE-a-mongous. [Oh, btw Shelli is having this library exciting thing that is super cool. Wow. §That was descriptive.]

Anyway, I just love libraries. They are amazing, and most of the librarians I know are just swell. This library was a little daunting. It had sliding glass doors in the front, and there was a fancy card you could get so that you could check your books out YOURSELF. *GASP* What is the world coming to? And I know there was probably a good reason for it, but the lady who helped me at the front counter had gloves on.

Germs, germs, everywhere!

It was a little bit creepy. But before that creepy-happenstance I was down in the young adult section, because that is where I usually peruse around for books. It was cool, because they had little write-ups over each section explaining what the type of books were. (Though, if a group of books is labeled 'Humor' I would hope the kids could figure out what that meant.) Over the fantasy section there was this little sign:

Fancy-Schmancy labels

Note the word impossible. Why? It made me mad. Now, I know fantasy elements aren't "real" blah, blah, blah. But it seemed somehow harsh to have it pointed out, right there in front of my face. (Actually it was above my face, but that is hardly relevant.) I write fantasy. I enjoy writing fantasy. A huge part of me believes that it IS real, no matter what library placards say.

"Stories that could not happen" just made me lurch inside. Especially because I am writing a story about a girl who is a fantasy writer who ends up having a "mythologically-real" (as she calls it) creature stalk her. To think that such a thing is impossible and cannot happen... Well, it just sucks the magic out of life.

Which is why I think I write fantasy. Because I do believe it's possible. Because I like to think that "impossible" things can happen. Don't you?


Summer said...

That's totally a bummer. Who would make that placard? Someone who hates life, that's who.

If I didn't hang on to the hope that MAYBE someday SOMETHING just MIGHT happen that's FANTASY...well. I'd probably be a librarian. *hee*

SonshineMusic said...

Well, isn't that depressing. Silly librarians - this is why I'm going to be a professor instead of a librarian. I will encourage my students to write crazy stories instead of tell them they aren't real :P

(Note to all librarians reading this, you all are pretty cool people.)

And I caught the sarcastafont! :)

VW: blech - how you felt after seeing this sign.

Falen said...

i also caught the sarcastafont.
i haven't been to a libraray in years. Seriously, not counting college libraries i think it's been probably well over a decade since i last went to one.
It would be so awesome if we were like the UK and author's received royalties when their books were checked out of a library

Julie Dao said...

YAY for your followers!!! I'm happy dancing for you! "Stories that could not happen" ... really?! That phrase could only have been written by someone with no imagination whatsoever. What a bleak, gray, sad existence they must lead if they cannot believe that stories transport you to magical worlds and beautiful places you'd never dream of going. Sadly not everyone understands the beauty of the imagination. I love fantasy too and who's to say it couldn't happen? :) Keep on keeping on!

Suzette Saxton said...

LOL about the gloves! Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Congrats on the followers! They came so fast, and now you are up to 16!

AchingHope said...

@Everybody: I know! I literally stared at it for at least a minute, trying decide if I should start screaming in rage or not.

@Sonshine and Falen: Haha... Sarcastfont is sweet muffins. :)

@Falen: Really?? Royalties from libraries? That's crazy.

@Julie Dao: Thanks for dancing ;)

@Suzette: It's funny, because I only ever thought Sonshine would follow me. It's amazing, meeting all these super cool people.

And yes, I still think about the gloves and wonder. *shudders*

Y.F.N. Palindrome aka Hannah said...

Sarcastafont lovers unite!!!

We will spread heard it here folks or rather there...

Why do librarians hate fantasy so? why would you do that?! so so cruel.

AnD tHe BiOgRaPhY aNd HiStOrY sEcTiOn Is So TrUe!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

C'mon, call it what it was - a snotbag label. :) Ew. Nasty. What a cranky way to describe fantasy, and anyway, aren't they supposed to make you *want* to read what's in that section? Sheesh.

I mean, otherwise that library sounds all cool with the MAGICAL FANTASY-LIKE swipe cards and stuff. Wonder if the gloves were to prevent papercuts. Or SARS.

I teach little guys and our writing program is through Columbia University's Teacher's College, which is supposed to be like el primo literary teaching universe. And you know what? Of all of the genres that we teach first graders to write - Small Moments, Biographies, How-To, All About, Persuasive Letters (yeah! in first grade!) - there has not been ONE unit on fiction! We are supposed to teach the kids all different genres of nonfiction writing. When I asked WHY a few years ago, they looked at me like I was the WORST TEACHER EVER and HOW CAN FIRST GRADERS JUST MAKE STUFF UP and IT WOULDN'T MAKE ANY SENSE and THEY SHOULD WRITE WHAT THEY KNOW, which, really, is not that much seeing as they have only been alive for 6 years.

It made me SO mad to hear that. I have always loved to write, but I am not a big diary keeper or nonfiction writer. And I have never been told that I _have_ to write a certain thing (ok, well, except in grad school, and that was as hateable as it would seem).

Anywho. That was maybe 8 years ago. Guess what showed up in this year's Columbia units? Realistic Fiction!!! I mean, it's still supposed to be realistic, but it's a start.


And I will stop talking now. :)

AchingHope said...

Yeah, I had one teacher tell my class that we could only write about "real" things, and I was so mad I almost started sputtering.

Yay for fiction being accepted!

Oh, and I don't mind long comments at all. I usually end up rattling off long, unrelated stories (like the one where the duck has an identity crisis) and then I'm left staring at a HUGE ridiculous comment.

And then I forget where I was going with it. Like now.

arlee bird said...

Maybe substitute "improbable" for impossible and say "stories that are products of the imagination". The placard is worded a bit incorrect--that's what is meant by "willling suspension of disbelief" -- the writer of the placard is disregarding this principle of fiction.

Overall the description of Fantasy is accurate. I don't usually read the "Fantasy" genre, but sometimes I like SciFi. I like real life stories, but to each their own. Sheer escapism stories rooted in fantasy worlds or even fantasy characters living in this world can be great fun.


AchingHope said...

@Lee: Hmmm... Yes. I do think that would make it better. (Oh, and I see that you're writing a musical which is sweet. I love musicals!) Thanks for dropping by my blog :D