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Monday, March 22, 2010

Being Sporadic is Not Always Useful

Ergh, it's been much too long since last I posted. At least, it feels like ages have passed. The reason being is because I haven't had anything interesting happen to me at all. No. Seriously. Usually I have weird teacher stories, or evil library stories, or even strange conversations stories. But this last week was Spring Break so I spent the entire time writing and reading and being a bum. I slept a ridiculous amount of time. More than a bear in hibernation taking sleeping pills.

Or sleeping like a bum in a bear costume.
I don't know why, but I keep expecting Little Red Riding Hood
to come bounding along with an ax.

I'm very much a sporadic person. (Hey! Look, a cow!) And so focusing on one book at a time, for more than a month at a time, really stretches my patience. (Although I spent six months on my Massive Book, which is strange...) Also, I'm going to be taking another year off of college, because I'm still unsure what I should even go to college for. Especially because what I really want to be is a full-time author. But you can't just decide to be that one day. It takes work, and sweat, and a crazy insane mind.

Eek! I put in "crazy writer" and this is what came up
Ack! This only means one thing.
Little Red Riding Hood is going to hunt me down and kill me!

Thus, leaving me with two options. Well, two main options. I still have my back-up plan on convincing my parents that I have a split personality, so that I can be sent to a mad house. Ooh! Although, that would be perfect research for one story I've had to put on hold. Hmmm... I wonder if I could get in trouble for pretending to be crazy? Can one be sued for such an action? Anyway, one of the options is to just spend the rest of the year writing whatever I want, because once I am a full-blown author I will never have that chance again. (Good grief, that sounds dramatic.) The other option is to just pick one of my completed manuscripts and stick with editing it and work on querying for it, and not giving up on it until I have an agent, an editor, a publisher, and a bunch of reader people to buy it.

Getting published is like pumpkins
I will find a way to convince you of this later

The second option is probably a lot smarter. Especially since I probably wouldn't write as much as I should on my own. So the question is which one do I query for?

Question Mark?

There is your regular run-of-the-mill fantasy, set in an alternate world (they live on little isles and there's an evil bad guy of doom!). Blackburn's Prisoner.

Now, before you gaze at me in obvious disdain
Realize I only have Paint on my computer

There is your a-little-bit-quirky, urban fantasy with Dwarves (oh, and Pixies too. Uh. Duh.) Pixie Princess.

This isn't exactly how I picture it, but for now...

There is your suspenseful, evil-leg-biting-creatures, thriller (with a cute guy and a lonely old building on a killing spree.) Haunbrinth.

Are you creeped out yet?

Or I could wait and finish the cinnamon one (which is not about food, but about evil creatures skulking in your woods).

So, I know ultimately it will have to be my decision, but I'm curious. Based on my (very poor) descriptions which book sounds most interesting to you? Which one do you think you would most likely pick up and read? If you have no opinion, that's perfectly acceptable. I promise I won't send any mythologically real creatures after you, nor will I hit you with a fish, or steal your bread.

Me wanting to steal your bread, but resisting.


Summer said...

Well, they are quite slight descriptions, but I like the sound of the Haunbrinth one. Good luck deciding what to finish, and as far as the college major goes...good for you for taking some time off to decide before you waste your time and money and spirit getting a degree that you promptly don't want or need.

SonshineMusic said...

Haunbrinth! Haunbrinth! Haunbrinth! Haunbrinth! (Though I may be a tad biased since that's the only one of these you've let me read yet.)


And I love all of those covers, especially the one for... HAUNBRINTH!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - my VW is haurr - and the first three letters match the first three letters of HAUNBRINTH so it is a sign and you must publish it :P

AchingHope said...

@Summer: Why, thank you for the well wishes :)

@Sonshine: Oh my, you really do sounds sleep deprived.

That's two for Haunbrinth, and I was already leaning that way, so tomorrow I shall work on that.

Talli Roland said...

Hands off my bread! :)

The usual advice is to start off with the genre you want to continue in. So, I'd say pick the one that's in the vein you're comfortable carrying on in... at least for a few books or so.

Good luck!

Falen said...

i'm really really pro evil creatures skulking in woods.
Are they, like, real creatures? Little monsters? Gah i hope so!

Coincidentally i suppose my novel Foxfire could also be about "evil creatures skulking in woods" though they're less creaturey and more shadowy.

For college, just go get an english degree in a place that offers a creative writing emphasis. So worth it. Or at least i thought so because it entails fraternizing with other writers which is FUN. Also critiquing which is fun too!

Falen said...

oh, also, if i could be any animal, i'd want to be a bear.
it would be SO AWESOME

Palindrome said...

I'm interested in all of your ideas but most importantly the last two because I love scary things!! That's why I love you!...wait, I always say things wrong...what I meant to say was I love you because you freak the hell out of me...wait, again, not what I meant...I love you because if I don't you'll steal my bread and I love all things made of carbs. Yup. That's what I meant.

carry on...

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Hmmm...just based on what you gave us, I would probably grab Haunbrinth. :-)

AchingHope said...

@Talli: Ooh, another bread lover I see. :) And that's a good bit of advice there. I shall keep that in mind.

@Falen: I'm not sure what they are yet, but they are CREEPY.

@Palindrome: oh my goodness, you make me laugh my spleen out.

@Shannon: Seems like a popular choice. Thanks for the input. :D

Dangerous With a Pen said...


Oops. I mean. Please ask nicely before you partake of my rations.

I'm with Haunbrinth, not only because obviously that is the most awesome word ever created, but because there seems to be more evil in that one than the others and I'm all about the evil.

Oh and there is an award for you over at my digs. :)

AchingHope said...

@Dangerous: Ahaha... Okay, okay, I'm taking my hands off of your bread. Geesh.

Oh! And thanks! For the award and the compliment on my name-making-skills

Verif Word: hypsors, dinosaurs which are cool and hip. Either that or dinosaurs that hypnotize people

Julie Dao said...

LOL!!!! Who sleeps in a bear costume?! AHHAHAH. It's like the adult version of the footie pajamas. And yes, I am super creeped out by the evil Haunbrinth.

I have an award for you at my blog!! :)

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I love that you have so many choices for yourself! I agree with Talli: start with the project you like the best that most closely represents the genre you'd like to market yourself in.

I found your blog by way of Julie Dao's site. Looking forward to reading more from you!

AchingHope said...

@Julie: Pshah... Doesn't everyone sleep in creepy bear costumes?

AW, thanks. I'll head over there as soon as I can.

@Nicole: Thanks so much! Welcome to my little corner of the world, hope you enjoy :)

Theresa Milstein said...

Being in a mad house would give you loads of time to write, if you're not overmedicated. Then your writing might sound good at the time, but when you read it sober, it won't make any sense.

I blog about subbing, which gives me as much material as living in a mad house.

AchingHope said...

@Theresa: Ah, true. I wouldn't like the medicated part.

I will have to check out your blog as soon as I have a chance. :)

My friend subs too, and so I can believe the crazy stories you have to tell.

Thanks for commenting :)

Juliegoose said...

Looking at your descriptions Haunbrinth definitely would be the one I would pick up if they were lying in front of me, and I don't even like scary stories! It just seems to have more to it, especially the whole building killing spree thing.

isaiah26mom said...

See, I told you Haunbrinth was a good choice.
So when will you explain how getting published is like pumpkins? I must know!
vw: dictutre - french dictating machine

AchingHope said...

@Isaiah26mom: I will get to it sometimes this month. It's all planned out in my head, don't worry. Sonshine helped me with it, so you know it'll be grand ;P