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Monday, March 8, 2010

When My Life is Like a Creme Puff

My friend and I are writing a book together. We write letters back and forth from the perspective's of our characters. We got the idea from Sorcery and Cecelia. It is probably the most emotionally draining thing I have ever experienced (because my life is basically a slightly sour creme puff. Nothing really terrible has ever happened to me, which is why, I suppose, I write such depressing stories?) My friend, Emdy, just sent me the next installment to our little story and I was terrified of opening the e-mail. (I know, such a wimp, aren't I?) I didn't know what I would find in there. Anyone could have died, any terrible thing could have happened. I've already killed off a record reaching amount of people. (I mean, I killed off an entire city in one swipe.) Plus, I had an idea about what would happen next in my story, and anything she said could ruin that, so I was also being a little bit selfish with my plot point.

Heaving in a breath, I opened the e-mail, copy and pasted it into Word, and read. Oh. My. Bananas. It is crazy. You see, we do not tell each other anything about the plot. It is all suspense and surprise. It's just a little bit maddening. There is definitely a little adrenaline rush when I see that the next installment is in my inbox. There's this feeling in my stomach of excitement, and dread, and it is fantastic. We are probably almost a third of the way through, and I'm trying to figure out how everything is going to work out. I only have so many more people that I can kill of ;)


Falen said...

i've done group stories with my siblings. 5, total, some longer than others. But they were all awesome in one way or another

AchingHope said...

They ARE fun. I just love talking with other writers, so to actually work with other writers is fantastic. Well. Most of the time, at least.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

I've never done this but it sounds extremely entertaining!! Maybe one day.