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Saturday, March 27, 2010


I don't have much time for this one, but I wanted to post something real quick.

I'm going to be having a Writer's group tonight, and I'm going to bring up the question of religion. Yeah, yeah, I know. Touchy subject, huh? But as a Writer that's what we get to do. Play with the touchy subjects. So I'm curious what you think. Do you like to inject some form or religion into your writing? Any kind, whether one made up, or one existing. Even atheism (because in my mind that is religious, but you'd have to read my paper on that one.) And what about when you read books? Does it bother you when it's overtly Christian? Overtly Buddhist, Muslim, etc?


Falen said...

well being as that i'm a fantasy writer, i tend to make up my own religions and throw them in there. But otherwise, not too much real religion. OR actually, not too many religious characters (when i write urban fantasy) but some references to religion. if that makes sense

Falen said...

Also i'm excited to hear about your writing group! I have mine on Monday

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I think it would depend on my story. I would not hesitate to include religion if it fit my character or my storyline. I wouldn't throw it in just for the sake of having it in there, but I wouldn't leave it out just because someone might be offended, either.

Talli Roland said...

Happy writers' group!

Interesting question. It depends on how the religion is dealt with. If it's of the preachy variety with no justification in the plot, etc, then I do get a bit annoyed that the book wasn't clearly labelled in the appropriate genre. However, if it's integral to the story then I don't mind.

M.R.J. Le Blanc said...

I make up my own too, but usually only if it pertains to the story. Unless the religious group is influential in some way, it's barely mentioned. I feel the same way with stories I read by others. I don't mind religious stories or characters who are devout in their religion, but it bothers me when they're written purely for the purpose of preaching said religion.

Palindrome said...

I agree with M.R.J. It's fine if the characters have a religion and it matters to them but when it preaching instead of fiction, I tend to veer away from it.

I don't put religion into my writing or haven't yet. Probably won't.

Interesting subject!

Yay, writing groups!! We are doing another one on Monday! I loves it, it gets me so pumped.

AchingHope said...

Thanks for the feedback guys, you're the best *hugs*

I have to agree with y'all. If it doesn't have to be there, and has no purpose being there, I get very annoyed.

Hm. Maybe I'll post something about my writer's group. I am so excited! Ugh. I have to go vaccuum now.

Thank you guys again!!

Summer said...

I pretty much ditto the above. If I know something has an overt religious theme, I'll probably avoid it, but if it's just an aspect of a character, I don't mind too much, as long as the religious bits stay in character.

In my MS, I created my own kind-of religion and it's very important to a few of the main characters. However, there's nothing remotely preachy about it, mostly cuz there's nothing to preach. A bit based on Greek mythology, a bit based on monastic life.

In my contemporary fiction, if it's there, the religious aspects are usually being questioned by the characters.


What we think, what we believe somehow comes through in our writing.Religion or whatever. I guess what we do not believe in also comes out. I see it in my own writing. Most of my characters seem to be drawn from bits and pieces of people I've known. Something in each of them is always familiar.

I don't set out to intentionally put in religion - it's up to the character himself and how he feels.
Does any of this make sense???
I really like your posts and they've given me food for thought.
Blessings, Barb

AchingHope said...

@Summer: Ooh... Greek mythology.

@B.Whittington: Yes, that does make sense. I think it is true that what we believe will always (ultimately) come out in our writing.
I'm glad my posts have been useful. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

keep on dancing love. so, no blog but found yours. Yes, amidst the jelly beans and spoons I heard that. Ahem, in case you can't tell. Sarcasm. But, I like to infuse it with mine and then create my own, very lovely, one with a bunch of allegories and then ones that would not be practiced myself for my worlds.
The only times it bothers me when it is overtly something (outside of me just plain being this is stupid, the idiots) is when... I forget what I was saying. stupid muffin bunches. But, it's a look into a culture, and I love reading about different cultures, so it doesn't bother me. Usually.

AchingHope said...

@Anonymous: I think you are one of two people, considering the spoons and jellybeans, but I'm not sure?