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Friday, January 1, 2010

Scene From Home

Yesterday my mum said to me: "Control your characters!" and I laughed in her face. She knows nothing of being a writer, but I shall love her anyway, and not make too much fun of her, because she and my dad are giving me a place to stay and food to eat, and I kinda' need those right now.

Then later that day my mum asks me why my food is across the room, and why my laptop is in my lap and I say: "Because I am checking my word count." And she says: "What?" And I shout obnoxiously: "BecauseIamcheckingmywordcount!" And she says: "Oh, okay." I say: "Wait? That was clearer?" And my sister, with no sarcasm mind you, says: "Yes, somehow that was more understandable."

Does this mean I should go around shouting obnoxiously now?

On other news:
Happy New Year!

Yes, I am freaking out and everything, but let's face it, it's really just another day. A day, people. We have been having days every day for a super long time now. So I will get over the AHHKGGGHAHAHAHAKKKGGHHH! and go on with my life. Namely: BAM! or Book A Month. I have decided what I will do for January and February, and then I will plan out more after that.

January: Pixie Princess and Luperin
February: The Sequel to Blackburn's Prisoner (which is not-yet named, since I haven't written anything but two pages)

Tah-da! Now I will see if I can actually prevail.

So have a Merry New Year!

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