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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Writing Anyway

After reading Jackson Pearce’s blog I ran over to my church where I could sit alone in a new place to write. I don’t know why, but when I start writing in the same place all of the time every single day my brain shuts off and goes “NO!” like a big whiny baby and I must find a way to appease it so that I can actually write like my mind wants to. (Yes, I do draw a distinction between brain and mind.)

Anyway: So I was sitting there writing out a blog instead, when I realized that I hadn't eaten all day, but for a small bowl of cereal. I was cold. (Because I was alone in my church building. Well, the building doesn’t belong to me, so technically it's not 'mine' but you know what I mean.) I had to go take care of my friend’s dog in an hour. (I have recently gotten over my fear of dogs, and actually think they’re pretty cute, but I’m still not sure about cats. Cats are evil. Eeeeeeevil. Like Evil Blam.)

So then I hunkered down, opened up my manuscript, wincing because I know it just about sucks like biting into a potato that’s been sitting out in the sun all day. (For reals, do not eat a potato that’s been wrapped up in aluminum foil and sitting on a table in direct sunlight. My friend tried and it tastes mad bad. Like real bad. Like “I’m going to spit it out into a trash bin now” kind of bad.) And wouldn’t you know, I made it up to 48,478 words, which is 5,060 words today. Hoorah!

It also helped that I found this trick. I watched half of a Castle episode (seriously, a great show) and then I wrote for half an hour, and then I watched the rest of the episode, and etc. I got through three episodes and a couple thousand words. Sweet muffins!

And just because this image came up too when I googled:

Attack of the Muffins!

Seriously. That is one huge muffin. Anyway. I no longer have any clue what I was supposed to be writing. (Which is why I am NOT supposed to write after 10 o'clock at night. Except for first draft manuscripts (which probably have some special name, or acronym, or whatever. Like: fdsn, which stand for First Draft Special Name. So I can work on fdsn's, but that's just because the first draft doesn't matter as much, because it's more about getting the ideas out, the feel of it. For reals. Check out Jackson Pearce's blog. She has a movie on it that is very inspiring.

I read some other good posts today, which I should point you to, but I am too tired right now. I also have a whole 'nother post planned with pictures and stuff, but my camera is missing. Man, I should keep that thing on a leash. I should keep all important things on a leash. But then, of course, I might look a tad ridiculous, with all of these things strapped to me. Just imagine when I go back to school! Here's my laptop, here's my keys, here's my seven text books, all hanging from me and looped around.