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Thursday, January 28, 2010

An Old Post I Never Got Around To Posting

Finally, the blog you have all been waiting for! Okay. Maybe not. Maybe the blog I've been waiting for. I still can't find my camera, but I was able to borrow my sisters (thanks Sonshine!) so here is the blog I tried to write ages ago:

Yesterday I went shopping! I bought some shirts:

Notice the buttons. I have only recently started buying shirts with buttons because at twenty I am feeling a great need to feel professional, even though I am a dork. When I was younger you never would have seen me wearing button up shirts, being the tomboy-play-in-the-mud type of person that I was. Button-up shirts were for wusses, or for my sisters. Seriously, my one sister just looks cute in everything. (You know who you are, Oombah.) The other one could wear a plastic bag and a paint bucket on her head and she would somehow look fantastic, stylish, and professional.

Only my sis is... Not quite as stuck looking.

Anyway, so I bought these button up shirts feeling all very grown up. But then I went to Borders, because Borders is amazing, and because my cute sister works there. Then I tried to shop around and give all of the other books a fair chance, but for reals, I am way too picky and biased. (Though I did find a book called Night Runner that I must read now.) So I ran over to the one book that I wanted. The one book which was the sole reason for my bookstore visit. (I must have sole reasons or I’ll start buying stacks and stacks of books.)

Captivate, by Carrie Jones. Her first one, Need, just grabbed me by the collar and placed me in cold, frigid, Maine without asking my permissions. The second one did the same thing. Here I am, minding my own business, and suddenly swoop I’m inside the book. I just love her voice. She sounds like me with caffeine. Only in a good way. Like, a super nice way, because she is a super nice person.

And now that I have found a camera I will stop being a lazy boring person and post up the pictures of something I have been waiting for:


No, not my face, the writer's gloves. They are made by Rachele and are as sweet as pumkin pie. I have been toting them around everywhere like the dork I am, because I absolutely love them. I cannot wait until her book gets published. I read a part of it that she posted on her blog and I almost cried. Me. Cry. I never cry. The first movie I cried at was Up, and the first book I cried at was Bridge to Terabithia. Seriously. This girl is good.

Oh. And don’t believe I’m a dork? Just look what I asked for Christmas?


Yes. A mango. And it was delicious.

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