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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exciting Stuff

Today is an exciting day. And not just because Carrie Jones is on the NYT bestseller list twice! Although, that is very exciting, and probably much more exciting than my news, but my news is exciting to me because... Well, I suppose because it's my news. Or something. Anyway, before I start creating an exciting-o-meter I will get right down to it.

Okay. I admit. I tried making an Excite-o-Meter, but I am so bad at Computer techie stuff that this is what it looks like:

8 - You Are Now Dead Because You Are So Excited
7 - The End of the World as We Know it Exciting
6 - Can’t Even Breathe Exciting
5 - Way Beyond Super Mad Exciting
4 - Super Mad Exciting
3 - Super Exciting
2 - Realy Exciting
1 - Real Exciting
0 - Exciting
-1- Pretty Exciting
-2- Kinda’ Exciting
-3- Possibly Exciting
-4- Maybe Exciting
-5- Not That Exciting
-6- Not Exciting
-7- Not At All Exciting
-8- So Not Exciting That You Are Bored and Dead

Yup. A list. Lame, I know. I was having difficulties even putting it in a box. Ah well, what can I say? Anyway, back tot he exciting matter at hand: I have reached 10,000 words in Blackburn's Prisoner's sequel! I know. It still has no name. It is driving me nuts, because usually by page eight, at least by page 14, I know the approximate name for a manuscript. Here I am at 21, 21!, pages and I still have no name. I know, I know. i have time. But it's like having a baby. You can have it for 8 months without naming it, maybe even 14 depending on the state (I don't know, i'm making that up) BUT after 21 months, you better have a name for that puppy. Baby. I meant baby.

This is a puppy:
This is a baby:

Now that everything is clear, we can get to the reason why it is exciting that I have 10,000 words done. 1) I am a fifth of the (approximate) way to being done. 2) I wasn't even suppose to start writing this until tomorrow, so I am way ahead. 3) I am 10,000 words closer to knowing what happens.

Yes. I don't write outlines, remember? This means that I have no idea what's going to happen. I mysterious ship just arrived manned by some dude named Braeden. I don't even know what Braeden looks like yet! But I promise you he does not look like this:

I have no mouth!

And today I found out this HUGE thing about Revlin. Yes, Revlin. Not Revlon.

And I was gasping and unable to breathe! That's a 6 on the Excite-o-meter. I cannot wait until Wednesday, my writing day, because then I will know even more of what is gonig to happen. Squee! And I am going to take another shot at writing a stupid query letter for Blackburn's Prisoner. *sigh* It's just so... #-8.


SonshineMusic said...

I am totally using your excite-o-meter from now on! And creepy man with no mouth! and you just make me laugh like all the time

verification: antlyc - having to do with or pertaining to antlers

Joan Crawford said...

I LOVE the excite-o-meter! My favorite is -8