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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Anyone can bake cookies, right? Wrong!

Take tonight for example. My mum made a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough so that we can make cookies whenever we want. It is delicious.

And all you have to do is dump a smile bit of dough on a cookie sheet.

Easy peasy, right? Anyone can do that, right? Apparently not. These are what my cookies looked like.

Now, if they were supposed to be chocolate-chocolate-chip cookies it would be fine, but they're not. They are kinda' crunchy, taste a little bit like burnt, but I ate all of them. For some reason my parents and my sister didn't want to eat them. Go figure. *shrugs*


Joan Crawford said...

It's really cute because you said

"All you have to do is dump a *smile* bit of dough."


Evil Blam said...

There's your problem, eh. I always make my cookies with frown sugar.
Furball, eh.

AchingHope said...

I always use smile dough. ;) So much better than frown sugar, whatever some people may say.