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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yesterday I stayed up reading: Sorcery and Cecelia of The Enchanted Chocolate Pot by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. I started it with the intention of finishing it that night, because I have over ten half-read books lying around my room, stuffed on my shelves, waiting to be read, and I was having none of that. It was mad difficult, I tell you. I was nearly done, having only a handful of pages left, and it was very difficult not to stop. I don't know why, but whenever I am near to finishing a book late at night I cannot finish it. I must set it down and finish it in the morning. May it's because I want to make the story last longer, linger on it, I have no idea. But I made myself stay up, even though I kinda' have a cold, and even though I was about to fall asleep.

It was a very good book. Very good. Quite refreshing, since I feel like I haven't read anything in weeks. But it reminded me how important it is for an author to read. In fact, I was just reading in a blog the other day that said the very same thing. In fact, I think it was Patricia C. Wrede, which would be kinda' funny, since it was her book I was reading. Yes. I'm pretty definite it was her. Hang on a moment...(searching through history...finding blogs..) Ugh. No. It wasn't. I have no idea, which is why I write everything down. Grr... But if you wanted to you could check out her blog: because it is very good.

It is always a good reminder, that there are good authors out there, that there are good stories out there that can sweep you away. I remember going through a funk awhile back and I just could not read anything, every story sounded the same, every author's voice sounded the same, and then I picked up Host by Stephanie Meyer. I tell you, it is very good. I don't know how Meyer does it, but she sweeps up her audience in a whirlwind.

So if you're in a ditch, searching your pockets for a good book, do not be dismayed. There are a bunch of good books you can carry around with you. I would suggest Shakespeare, just because it will help pass the time. But if you have no Shakespeare (or absolutely abhor him), I hope you packed a book like the ones I spoke about, or Need by Carrie Jones, or any number of other really good books. There are authors out there that truly know how to write, and are truly writers, and it is quite encouraging to read their stories that have grown, that live, that can be ingested by others.

Seriously, if I could I would give up food and just gain sustenance by reading books.

Yes, it is a terrible picture, but that is me pretending to eat a book. Don't worry, no books were harmed in the taking of this picture. Wow. This really is a bizarre looking picture. I'll have to apologize for your eyes.

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